Our Joy In Pressuṛe

Consider it a sheer gift of joy,

when tests and challenges

come at us from all sides.

We know that under pressure,

our faith-life is forced into the open

And shows its true colors.

So don’t try to get out of

anything prematurely.

Let it do its work so we become

mature and well-developed,

not deficient in any way.

James 1:2

Perseverance is developed

through testing.

During the process,

we begin to have joy

as we let go of things.

The cause of inner dejection is

we’re afraid of what might happen

we’re disappointed by what happen

But perseverance through the

struggle changes our whole

way of seeing things.

As we persevere we let go of

the baggage we carry.

Our burdens sometimes need to

be almost ripped from our hands,

But it’s the release that brings joy

Releasing in Faith reveals all

the things acting as barriers

between God and ourselves.

As strange as the process sounds

As much as we internally wince at

this principle of God’s use of trials

and pressurized tests.

Persistent prayerful trust in

the pressure of trials of our faith

is our passage to spiritual growth

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