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The Multiplication of Trouble Psalms 3:

The Multiplication of Trouble  Psalms 3:   PROBLEMS & POSSIBILITIES       Our Troublers’ Their Increase   LORD, how are they increased that trouble me! I’ve never been great at math but there is one equation that I’m very accurate with.  This is … Continue reading

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Getting Into Trouble Psalms 3

Getting Into Trouble Job felt neurotic about trouble and had good reason to be disturbed.  Life can appear as a series of train wrecks and we can all cop a similar phobic reaction as Job did.  Job’s obsession with problems, after an initial stoic response, begins … Continue reading

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18 Eph. 1:16 Prayers Particulars part 18 Pleasure in Persistent Prayer

18 Eph. 1:16 Prayers Particulars part 18 Turning Pressure into Persistent Prayer Ephesians 1:15-23 Pleasure in Persistent Prayer Activate in Making Continual Requests v.15-23   Captivate in a Mark of Perpetual celebration        Prayers Method v.16            Aggressive                     Cease not Assertive                        … Continue reading

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What is The Beauty of Christmas?

What is The Beauty of Christmas? The most magnificent and glorious time of the year is Christmas.  We all enjoy contemplating the beauty of giving and the exquisiteness of our gifts.  These are our appeals to the magnetic allures of … Continue reading

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