Hard rain pounds down but rains blessing.

Under that beating rain spring spiritual flowers full of fragrance and beauty.

We see the rain. But do you see the flowers?

We are pained by the testings.

But flowers of faith spring in our life through our trials.

We shrink from the suffering.

But tender compassion for other sufferers is finding birth in our soul.

Our heart winces under sore bereavement.

But deepening and enriching is what sorrow has brought us.

It isn’t raining afflictions for us.

It is raining tenderness, love, compassion, patience & a thousand other flowers & fruits of the Spirit, bringing in our life a spiritual enrichment.
—J. M. McC.


“A harp stood in the moveless air,

Where showers of sunshine washed a thousand fragrant blooms;

A traveler bowed with loads of care

Essayed from morning till the dusk of evening glooms

To thrum sweet sounds from the songless strings;

The pilgrim strives in vain with each unanswering chord,

Until the tempest’s thunder sings,

And, moving on the storm, the fingers of the Lord

A wondrous melody awakes;

And though the battling winds their soldier deeds perform,

Their trumpet-sound brave music makes

While God’s assuring voice sings love across the storm”


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