Quench Our Thirst

As the deer drinks from the creek; We want to drink God, deep draughts of God.

We’re thirsty for God, our living acting on our behalf God.

Jesus stood up and called out in a loud voice, “If anyone is thirsty,let him come to Me and drink. Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said: ‘Streams of living water will flow from within them.'” John 7:37-38

We wonder, “Will we ever make it

Will we ever arrive and drink in God’s presence?

I’m on a diet of tears—tears for breakfast, tears for supper. All day long people, we’re being pestered, They’re mocking us saying: “Where is this God of yours?

In Psalms 42:1-3 we read: We’re panting! We’re hacking in paroxysmal uncontrollable coughing

Our lungs are burning in panting need of You

Our soul is panting after enjoyment and communion

We want to be breathing in our God in Christ.

Our breath is gasping in an insatiable thirst

We feel with each gasp of weak and a vehement desires after You God.

We’re under siege

We’re chased,

It’s the pursuits of Satan

We look to You Jesus who alone has our needed living streams

It’s in God in Christ our soul wants are found ;

Without Him we convulse in tears of our soul’s disappointment.

Deliver the eye of our soul from being lost from You.

Let us know You. Let us experience You.

Let us be intimate with You in adoring worship

Luke, 24:16

But it’s by our tears we call for grace to taste Your spiced wine of the pomegranate. Song, 8:2.

We’re chased by our oppressors

We’re taunted as we climb in breathtaking collapses

We’re On Your hill of the mount Olivet weeping as we climb

2 Sam. 15:30; 16:5–8

You’ve been there through the ages

You make our afflictions sacred by Jesus

We keep in view our Master as we bow, climbing on our knees

We’re crying and sighing for our longed for-loved

Keep us from falling under depressions,

Keep us longing for the renewal of Your divine presence,

Deliver us from struggling with doubts and fears,

Favor us with strength to hold Your ground by faith in our living God.

This drought of oxygen inside

This poor fainting longing for Your streams of life giving air,

We’re hunted by death

We’re instinctively seeking Your streams of life for are scorched flanks

We’re weary, exhausted and persecuted

Our soul pants after You Lord our God.

We’ve been Debarred

We’re parched in this wilderness of breathlessness

All the wells on earth are dry,

We must drink You or we die—

We must have our God or faint.

Our soul, our very self, ur deepest life is You Jesus,

We are insatiable for a sense of Your presence.

As the deer thirsts, so our soul prays, our inner being begs and pleads for You.

slakes our thirst Lord Jesus

Without You our heart heaves,

Without You our chest caves,

Without You our whole frame is convulsed,

We gasp for breath, we pant in aches for You.

Our soul

All our nature,

all our inmost self

“Thirsts.” With intense craving “For God.”

“For the living God.”

For our life giving God

Because He lives,

Because You rose from the dead

Because You’re our perennial fountain of life and light and love,

We come and appear before God

To commune in Your breath

To commune in Your life

To rise in You our all

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