Catch some wind

We sold our R. V. to a wind sailor

In the summer he catches wind

On the water

In the winter he catches wind

On the snow

Jonah prayed,

Stewing in the stomach acid

Of a great fishes belly

“Every time we’re in trouble,

Lord, we call out to You,

and You answer our prayer.

From the depths of my

watery grave

We cried, ‘Help me, Lord!’

and You were there.”

Jonah 2:2 Paraphrased

Sometimes when we turn

our back on God

we need a fishy encounter

to call out to God.

If we keep rejecting His solutions

If we refuse His ways

we may have to experience

many fishy encounters!!!

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As we pray Father

Strengthen us to wait patiently

Keep us seeking You

as Paul expressed

We have not ceased

to pray for you,

strengthened us with all power

to be patient according

to Your glorious might,

for all endurance

and patience with joy.

Colossians 1:9–11

Give us Your patience

Give us power to press on

through difficulties,

Give us Your patience

Give us power to press on

through discouragements,

Give us Your patience

Give us power to press on

through detours

Swell our hearts full of faith

Fill our mouths full of praise.

Give us the strength

of Joseph’s patience,

who spent the best years

of his life in a dungeon,

and came out saying

“God meant it for good”

Genesis 50:20

Give us Your patience

Give us power and enable us

to look at all our frustrations

to view setbacks,

and say to You,

We don’t know

what you’re doing, Father.

We don’t want to be

in this place.

We never thought

we’d be in this place.

But you are wise

And You are good

And we trust that You

are working something


So please Father

Strengthen us to wait patiently

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Keep us willing

Keep us willing

to make confession

of our many weaknesses

Psalm 66:18

Keep us conscious

of Your forgiveness

1 John 1:9

Fill us with Your Spirit.

We need You to fill us

over and over and over

We can’t do a thing

without You.

That’s how You made us

We’re empty,

We’re dependent

We continuously needing You

Make us constantly open

to Your filling presence

We leak, we leak, we leak.

We need to be filled with You

over and over and over

Ephesians 5:18

Restore and strengthen us.

Energize us in our despondency

Be our adequacy in our weariness

Isaiah 40:30

Restore to us the joy

of Your salvation

Psalm 51:12

Remove from us

the heart of stone

give us a heart of tenderness

for You

Ezk. 36:26

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Loud Praise

We praise You, LORD,

Everyone everywhere should!

We shout Your praises

We cheer loud

we hope the whole world will hear!

For Your love is incredible,

For Your love is astonishing,

For Your love is awesome,

For Your love is indescribable,

For Your love is inexpressible,

For Your love is immeasurable,

For Your love is infinite,

For Your love is amazing,

For Your faithfulness never ends.

Praise the LORD.

Psalms 117 personalized

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Evil will fail

For they intended evil against you

they imagined

a mischievous device

which they are not able

to perform.

Psalms 21:11

Christ rejectors are united over

one thing—

get rid of God

obliterate Christ

Erase or redefine God’s Word

destroy every person on the planet

who dares to acknowledge Jesus

in any way.

The beast will inaugurate

the great tribulation,

this is a planned attempt

to exterminate God

to eliminate Jesus

to eradicate Christ’s Spirit

to extricate the Bible

to extinguish all who have

Faith in God through Christ

believers once and for all.

Be exalted, Lord,

in Your own strength;

so will we sing and praise

Your power.

Psalms 21:13

Jesus reigns in His strength:

All God’s power

Is absolute,
Is unhindered,
Is unequalled

And is given to Jesus

All the power of

heaven and earth.

Jesus is the only Person

who can be trusted with

All power

and He wields His power

in such a way that this

sobbing planet will be

transformed for His glory

Evil will be defeated

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It’s never the wrong time to pray

Prayer impulses are good.

It’s not like Satan is directing us

to call out to God

The demonic strategy is resting

in our selfishness

Our flesh leads us in self-reliance

Self doesn’t say

“I should pause now and pray”

You feel, “I should pray”

Then do it

No matter what the

“cosmic battle that’s raging

within our heart and mind.”

Yield to every prayer impulse

We ought to pray.

Dive into every opportunity

to pray.

Never resist the urge to pray.

Bathe every moment in prayer.

“pray without ceasing.”

Never resist those urges to pray,

joyfully respond to every impulse.

This is the work of Christ’s Spirit

This is ‘Working out our salvation

with fear and trembling,

for praying is God working in us

both to will and to do of His

good pleasure’

Phil 2:12-13

never resist praying,

never postpone praying,

never push prayer aside

Give yourself to prayer,

yield to prayer

Listen to God’s constant call

to prayer

This impulse is not a distraction

always respond immediately,

Cry out to God

Ask Jesus that prayer

happens to us frequently.

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Beauty for ashes


“As we watch tragic events unfolding,

or more particularly as we experience adversity in ourselves,

we often are prone to ask You; O God, ‘Why?’

The reason we ask is because we do not see

any possible good to us or glory to God that comes

from the particular adverse circumstances

that have come on us or our loved ones.

But God’s wisdom—and God’s glory

Is more eminently displayed

in bringing good out of calamity than out of random blessing

As Bridges notes:

“The wisdom of the chess player is displayed

more in winning over a capable opponent than over a novice.

The wisdom of the general is displayed more

in defeating a superior army

than in subduing an inferior one.”

God’s wisdom is displayed when He brings good to us

and glory to Himself out of confusion and calamity

rather than out of pleasant times.

We have an enemy, the Devil, [who] ‘prowls around

like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour’

1 Peter 5:8

He wants to sift us like wheat as he did Peter

Luke 22:31

We love You Lord Jesus

We will not curse God as You bring tests and trials

As you allow the ravages of disease,

As You press us with heartache, and disappointment

You only God are able to take all of these elements—

the bad as well as the good—and make full use of every one.

As we face these fiends of hellish plans.

When the ogres of violence and murder oppress

As the demons of disfigurement and deception appear to control world media

Do Your supernatural miraculous work together for good.

Bring Your beauty out of ashes

Turning all the forces of evil that rage against us into good and blessing

Give us Joy in our sorrow

Transform our crippled maimed disfigurements into dancing of ecstasy

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The times of the Gentiles



Daniel 2:31–36 Phillips

This king Nebuchadnezzar had subdued all of his foes.

His empire appeared invincible

He had built a virtually impregnable fortress-city on the Euphrates

His dynasty contained two of the seven celebrated wonders of the ancient world.

He was now at rest.

But Nebuchadnezzar was no fool.

He knew that other empires had arisen to rule over other nations

He knew in time these empires themselves had fallen.

The Assyrian Empire had just fallen.

He wondered what would be the fate of his own empire.

What other empires would arise from the dust of the earth

to dominate the nations of the world?

Would any empire be greater than his?

Then God spoke to Him in a dream

The king contemplated this image in wonder and awe

Then he saw a stone, cut without hands, descend from on high.

This vision was given to a Gentile king

the first of many such kings who would hold the Jews

in bondage and Jerusalem in a total ravaged thrall.

John Phillips notes:

With Nebuchadnezzar began a period in God’s dealings called

the “times of the Gentiles,”

so it was fitting that the course of those “times” should be revealed to him.

The “times of the Gentiles” concerned the destiny

of the Hebrew people in exile,

it was also fitting that the significance of the dream

should be revealed to a Jew.

In the relationship of Gentile, Jew, and the church of God

there are two periods of immense importance.

God raised up Abraham and promised him that through him

and his seed all nations would be blessed

Gen. 12:1–3

He entrusted to Israel two things:

secular and spiritual supremacy over all people.

If Israel, as a nation, had been true to its calling,

both goals would have been realized.

There’s a day, in the sovereign purposes of God,

both goals will be realized;

during the millennial reign of Christ,

God’s original purpose will be brought in

by the Lord Jesus from Jerusalem,

and all of the dynamics of secular and spiritual power

will be concentrated in His hands.

Israel failed. The long history of the nation of Israel

in the Promised Land is a record of rebellion, idolatry, and apostasy.

God terminated Israel’s secular supremacy.

He handed Jerusalem, which was to have been the world’s capital,

to a Gentile world power, Babylon.

The temple, which was to have been a house of prayer for all nations,

He consigned to destructive flames.

The “times of the Gentiles.”

Is an explosion of world empires and the city of Jerusalem

are to remain solidly in Gentile hands.

For “Jerusalem,” Jesus said,

“shall be trodden down of the Gentiles,

until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled”

Luke 21:24

In 1967, the Jews regained possession of Jerusalem

They’ve made it the capital of the reborn state of Israel.

They have vowed that they will never surrender it.

This has led to some foolish statements that

the “times of the Gentiles” are now over.

But the “times of the Gentiles” continues

The “times of the Gentiles” will terminate

after the coming, career, and collapse of the Antichrist.

Yet to come

For at least three and a half years, the Antichrist will hold Jerusalem

in bondage and will be ravishing the city of Jerusalem

But then, when Christ’s feet touch on the Mount of Olives.

The “times of the Gentiles” will terminate

The current control of Jerusalem by the Jews is only temporary.

It doesn’t indicate, how close we are to the end times

It doesn’t show the termination of the “times of the Gentiles.”

Those times are not over yet;

they will not be over until the descent of that stone cut without hands—

until the return of Christ, and the establishment of the millennial kingdom.

The Jews had temporary possession and control of Jerusalem

in the days of the Hasmoneans,

until the Roman power took it away from them.

It will happen again.

Jerusalem will fall into the hands of the Antichrist,

and Jerusalem will be

“trodden down of the Gentiles” again before it’s all over.

The “times of the Gentiles,” then,

has to do with Israel’s secular power over the nations,

this has for centuries been in suspension

The period of Gentile dominion over Jerusalem

began with Nebuchadnezzar

It will end with the Antichrist.

To this day, the bulk of the world’s Jewish population is still in exile,

some voluntarily but some involuntarily.

God’s dealings with the nation of Israel is that spoken of as the

“fulness of the Gentiles”

Rom. 11:25–27

During this period, spiritual ascendancy

is no longer in Hebrew hands but in Gentile hands.

For two thousand years, from Abraham to Pentecost,

whatever God had to say, He said it in Hebrew and through a Jew.

After Pentecost, whatever God had to say, He said in Greek;

the New Testament, was written in Greek.

God began to speak to the Gentile world in a Gentile language.

Hebrew was almost a dead language by the time of Christ.

The vernacular of the people of Palestine was Aramaic.

The commonly used Bible was the Septuagint, a Greek Bible.

Half of the book of Daniel was written in Aramaic

The murder of their Messiah was the last straw.

God tore spiritual supremacy from the Jews,

just as centuries earlier God had torn away their secular supremacy,

and He gave that spiritual ascendancy to the Church.

The Jews rejected—the Son of God

The Jews rejected—the Spirit of God,

They reject the church of God—

So God uprooted and scattered the Jews.

For more then two thousand years,

they have been homeless strangers in Gentile lands.

Religiously, they are blinded by the Talmud,

instead of sending missionaries and ambassadors to Gentile lands,

as God intended they should,

Gentile believers in Christ send missionaries to them.

Both of these periods, the “times of the Gentiles”

and the “fullness of the Gentiles” will end.

The “fullness” of the Gentiles will end with the rapture of the church.

Then, again, God will begin to speak to the world through Jews.

God will raise up two Jewish witnesses Rev. 11

God will dispatch 144,000 Hebrew evangelists Rev. 7

to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom

They will declare the imminent coming of Christ to a world gone mad.

The “times of the Gentiles” will end with the return of the Christ

to set up His millennial kingdom on this planet, centered at Jerusalem.

All of this remarkable prophecy,

God, revealed to to Nebuchadnezzar through Daniel

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He leads

Jesus says:

My sheep hear My voice

and they follow Me.

John 10:27

Do we follow our Lord

without hesitation?

Jesus has a right to lead us

wherever he pleases.

We are not our own,

we are bought with a price—

The soldier follows his captain,

The servant obeys his master,

We follow our Redeemer,

We are His

We are a purchased possession.

We are not real if we resist His voice

He is our Leader and Commander.

Submission is our duty,

ignoring Him is foolish.

Our Lord said to Peter

“What is that to you? Follow me.”

Wherever Jesus lead us,

He goes in front of us.

If we don’t know where we go,

at least we know He goes with us.

With Him as our companion,

there’s no worries

The journey may be long,

but his everlasting arms

will carry us to the end.

The presence of Jesus

is the assurance

of eternal salvation,

because He lives, we live also

by His abundant life

He breaths into us.

We follow Christ in faith.

The path He leads us on

is lush with His glory

It might not be a smooth path—

there are sharp rocks of trials,

but they lead to the city

that has infinite foundations

and is constructed

by our perfect carpenter.

“All the paths of the Lord

are mercy and truth.”

We trust in our Leader

and we know that,

whether It’s prosperity

whether it’s adversity,

whether it’s sickness or health,

whether popularity or contempt,

that His purpose will work out,

and His plan is pure,

unmingled good is in His hand

He fills us with His mercy.

It’s actually sweet to go up

the bleak side of the hill

with Christ;

and when rain and snow

blow into our faces,

His tender love fills us

with His blessing.

Those who stand

and warm their hands

at the world’s fire

miss His riches.

He may lead us up a rugged

mountain peak,

or in to the den of lions,

or to the hills of wolves,

but we will follow our lover

and protector of our souls.

Jesus our loving shepherd leader,

He draw us with His voice,

and we run after Him

in confidence.

Adapted from Spurgeon

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Give us a vision of You

“There’s never a complete

silence in our soul.

God is whispering to us


When the sounds of the

world die out in our soul,

or the noise sinks low,

we can hear the

whisperings of God.

He is always whispering

to us,

only we don’t hear,

because of the noise,

hurry and distraction

which life causes

as it rushes on.”

F. W. Faber.

“Where there is no vision,

the people perish.”

Prov. 29:18

Where there is no revelation,

If we’re not listening

If we’re not hearing

we will refuse

the restraints of life

But real blessing is for

those who listen

and pay attention

to wisdom’s instruction

and the restraint that

God brings into our lives.

There’s a variety of

restraints God allows

in our lives.

Are we listening to

Him through them.

Do we need bigger

restraints to hear Him

and get a vision of God?

His power to change us

is in seeing Him

and getting a vision of Him.

But with no vision

and no attentive listening

the increasing restraints

will crush us.

Those who remain

stiff-necked after many

rebukes will suddenly

be destroyed—

without remedy.

When the righteous thrive,

the people rejoice;

when the wicked rule,

the people groan.

Prov. 29:1-2


is necessary

in order to hear Him,

In order to see Him,

In order to have a

vision of Him.

The time element of

a vision is essential.

Our hearts are like

a sensitive photographer’s


and in order to have

God revealed in us,

we must sit at His feet

a long time.

Of course we’re in the instantaneous realm

of the digital phenomena

where all is instant

and split second.

But God works

according to His timing

and our willing attentiveness.

We need listen to know

how His timing is working

in our lives to get us quiet

and restful to see God.

There is power

in the sight of Him

that affects our life.

A vision of God

transforms our life.

Jacob saw God at

Jabbok’s ford,

and became Israel.

The vision of God

transformed Gideon

from a coward

into a courageous soldier.

The vision of Christ

changed Thomas

from a doubting follower

into a loyal

and dedicated disciple.

William Carey saw God

and left his shoemaker’s

bench and went to India.

David Livingstone saw God

and left all to follow Him

through the jungles of Africa.

He wants the ears of our heart


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