Breathing in Him

I’ve never been a roller coaster guy. The couple of times I’ve gotten into these torture chambers I’ve ended up spewing the contents of my innards and polluting the amusement ride.

The abrupt fluctuations where one moment your cresting and then you trough in jerks that could give a person a closed head brain injury are anguishing psychic traumas.

There are times I feel Jill and I are belted into our own unique ride with unlimited thrills.
Fortunately it’s not a physical roller coaster although there are some details through each day where it feels we’re getting bashed by abrupt fluctuations that are out of our ability to control.

We reach out and try to help and comfort each other
and it’s tricky.
It’s like when you lose your grip on the wheelchair on a steep hill. The results are disastrous.

We need a Psychiatrist. We need a Counselor.
We need a surgeon who can dig out the nasty stuff
with his sharp scalpel.

I know a great Psychiatrist who can reach into our heart and mind and disperse the PTSD with his expert sensitive words.

He can reverse the battle fatigue and restore the stress disorders

I know a counselor can sooth our souls of the tangled
web of hurts and emotional bruises that are raw with pain.

What a privilege to have the one who holds all these titles and achieves supernatural interventions in us every moment of the day

He’s got us on the path of our final healing where we’re
catapulted into His physical presence to mansions above
in a new body that will never again feel loss, decline, sorrow, death or grief.

Now this one never puts us on hold when we call.
His appointment book is open every second as His availability has no limitations.

He’s assured me that He controls every virus, every bacteria, every opportunistic germ, every cancer,
every organ failure.

In fact there’s not a disease or breakdown that He doesn’t
have a special purpose for it.

These interruptions that appear as a traumatic inconvenience are really open opportunities for connecting with our master Psychiatrist and Counselor

He has us in His germ free O. R. for 24×7 microsurgery
as He burns away the gunk and cuts out the cancer.

His ventilator is incredible.
It sucks out the poison gasses of sin and breathes in the filling of His Spirit of love, joy, peace, long suffering and patient endurance.

His mouth to mouth resuscitation brings gifts of His life giving breath into our lives. His luscious fruit is the sweet juice of affection for others, exuberance about everything in our life, and a supernatural serenity with poised composer in the face of trauma.

His breath in us develops a willingness to hang in there when things are going sideways

His breathing in us is exceptional as He brings His life in
us living through us a sense of compassion in our heart

He makes us both salt and light giving us convictions
for a holiness that permeates other people we enjoy
being around.

We find ourselves deeply involved in loyal commitments.
But as He keeps breathing in us His mouth to mouth fragrance we don’t feel a need to force our way on the
life of others.

Instead we’re able to direct our energies wisely and discipline our inconsistencies with His consistent nonfluctuating purposes.

Not only is my wonderful counselor and soul adviser breathing in to us. But, His voice pours in as we open
our mouth to Him.

But His breath also sucks out from us the pollutants.

You know the stuff. This nonsense where we’re trying to get our own way all the time.

He sucks that out:
He sucks out these repetitive habits, these loveless indifferences, the cheap junk; which is an accumulation
of mental and emotional garbage;

He sucks out all the paranoid frenzied grabs for happiness;
all the fake trinket gods; all the neurotic loneliness; and the
moody grumpiness of my brutal temper;

He takes out my impotent attempts to find love in every wrong place and every wrong person;

He restores our divided lives; He resizes our small-minded and lopsided pursuits;

He redirects our vicious habit of depersonalizing everyone into a rival;

He corals our uncontrolled and uncontrollable addictions;
He replace each of our ugly parodies, the counterfeit burlesque of pharisaical travesties.

All He asks of us is that we open wide our mouth and
He’ll fill it.

He says:

I’m GOD, I am your God, I’m the only real God who rescued
you from doom and continues moment by moment to rescue you and reverse every trauma in you,
I’ll feed you all you need and all satisfy your hungry souls.

He asks us to open our heart and He comes in with the bread of Heaven and the water of life and He’ll live in us with His supernatural amazing presence

He asks us to open our ears and He’ll place His lips on
our ears washing us internally through our listening with His tender voice

He controls every aspect of our being and every opportunistic negative that’s storming all around us.
The destruction of devastating plagues and violence
and perversion are enabled under His rule.

We won’t die a second to soon nor will we live
any longer then we need to.

Our times are in his hands.

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