All our prayers are heard, But creation won’t be disturbed;

But the grandest ends will be answered,

But providence won’t be disarranged no not for a single moment.

Spurgeon notes on prayer exclaims:

No leaf will fall earlier from trees, All stars will stay on their courses,

not even a drop of water will trickle more slowly

But all will go on the same Yet our prayer will have effected everything.

Our prayers will speak to the decrees of God

Our prayers will speak to purposes of God,

as they are being daily fulfilled;

And these purposes will all shout to our prayer and cry,

“You are our brother; we are decrees and you a prayer;

but our praying are a decree, as old, as sure, as ancient as they are.”

Our prayers are God’s decrees in another shape.

Our prayers to God are but God’s promises breathed out of living hearts,

and those promises are the decrees,

only put into another form and fashion.

Do not say:

“How can my prayers affect the decrees?”

They cannot, except in so much that our prayers are decrees,

and that as they come out, every prayer that is inspired of the Spirit

in our soul is as omnipotent and eternal as God voicing through us.

Our praying has power over angels; they will fly at our prayers.

Our praying has power over fire and water, and the elements of earth.

Our praying has power to make our voice heard beyond the stars;

where the thunders die out in silence,”

“Our voice will wake the echoes of eternity.

The ear of God Himself will listen,

The hand of God will yield to our will.

He pleads with us to cry,

“Thy will be done, and thy will will be done.

When we plead God’s promises, then our will is God’s will.”

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