Gripping Your Umbrella

Lord Jesus we’re held under the umbrella of Your protection

Let us know;

let us press on to KNOW You Lord;

Your movings around us

In the morning dawn

As You engulf us with Your showers,

You water the earth

Hos. 6:4

O God of our Lord Jesus Christ,

O Father of glory,

Would You give to us

the spirit of wisdom and revelation


Eph. 1:16

Give Your word for “knowledge”

not just facts

Our prayer is we want You deeper.

We want intimacy with You God.

We want a deeper understanding

To live enveloped in Your umbrella

Prompt us with


“the fullness of knowledge.”

to understand

to stand under

to experience You God.

to be drawn into God Yourself

not just the facts about You.

Give us deep understanding

of You God in our life

Display over us Your work of grace

We bow down to You,

We surrender to You.

We want to be inundated,

We want to be drenched,

We want to be flooded

and filled with You God.

We long to walk with you

step by step

You’re allowing shocking experience You’re challenges expose our humiliating weaknesses

These experiences cause us to draw on Your strength

Please lead us to

Walk with You to know You intimately as our ALL in all

Flood us with Your Spirit,

God, give us a spirit of wisdom

Give us a spirit of revelation

reveal Jesus to us

reveal Christ with us and for us

so that we might grow in each

interaction of Him,

Make Your voice through Your Word audibly real, clear and vivid in our showering challenges

The earth shook,

the heavens also dropped at the presence of God:

even Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel.
You, O God, did send a plentiful rain, whereby You did confirm Your inheritance, when it was weary.

Psa. 68:8-9

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In life problems

In areas full of mystery

We look too the Lord

God knows,

He brings the hidden things to light.

He’s the solution to every problem

He’s the light in every mystery

Is there some door closed

It’s shut by the Father’s hand

He has every key

Our hope is in Him for access

So we trust God

We wait-for His openings

We relax in His closings

Is there unanswered earnest prayer

Are the answers NOT as we had thought ‘they’d be?

God reveals His purposes

Our God develops our patience

Our God instills His perseverance

Our Father is All wise,

Our Lord is all knowing,

Every door in our future life He controls

Christ’s Spirit lives within us

He fills us with Unfailing comfort,

He pours in us His calming rest,

So we’re full of joy now!

So we exult and triumph in troubles

So we rejoice in our tests,

So we know that pressure

So we realize that affliction

So we lean on Him in hard times

Jesus is producing patience in us

Our Lord’s unswerving endurance

Our Father is producing fortitude

God’s Spirit develops in us

maturity of character, approved faith and tried integrity

And the character of this sort produces the habit of joyful
and confident hope of His living eternal salvation

Such hope never disappoints or deludes or shames us,
for God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Spirit of Christ

Who He has given to us.

Romans 5:3-5 AMP remix

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It’s getting deep

Make this idea of You selecting a path for us, where we discover we are out of our depth to be exhilarating

Don’t let us feel overwhelmed with the crushing waves

Embolden us to step ahead

Lead us in knowing that we can’t succeed unless we have God’s help.

We read that the prayer of faith subdues kingdoms,

We read that it’s by faith that righteousness is wrought (constructed) in us

We read that it’s through faith that the promises from You, God are achieved,

We read that we can stop the mouths of lions by faith,

Then we read that the violence of fire can be extinguished by faith in our Your power Lord,

We read that we through faith escape the edge of the sword,

Faith is how we’re made strong in our weakness

Faith is how we wax valiant in fight,

Faith is how we chase away and turn to flight the armies of the aliens.

Secure our minds in that reality that faith worked out by prayer is where it’s at.

We hear that without faith it’s impossible to please You God

Deliver us from being slaves to pleasing people

Don’t let people be too big while we let You our God be too Small;

Rescue us from a self-centered warped perspective

Don’t let the approval of others in our lives be so weighty and threatening

You Lord Jesus are our great Creator,

You Lord Jesus are our great Redeemer,

You Lord Jesus are our great Judge

Be always in our focus

Don’t let people

Don’t let circumstances

Don’t let obstacles

Don’t let our past failures control us


Let us grow in faith

Let us be devoted to learning the prayer of faith

Let us let You, God, be our God

Cause everything to shrink in our heart as You embrace us in Your


Melt us in Your enabling grace as we put everything at every moment in Your mighty hand

We humble ourselves in Your loving arms

We will exalt Your timing

Please relax us in Your schedule

Fill us with Your calming and please Lord Jesus carry us through

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GOD sends down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing

Ezekiel 34:26

What is our season today? Is it dry? Are we under dark clouds? Is there showers?

Our strength will equal our days Deut 33:25

Charles H. Spurgeon notes

“God sends. . . showers of blessing.” It’s not shower but “showers” plural.

God sends all kinds of blessings.

And all His blessings go together like links in a golden chain.

He gives us grace, He gives us comforting grace.

This is God’s heavenly watering.”

George Matheson writes:

If our hearts become a valley low,

God will rain on us until we overflow.

O Lord, You transform my thorn into a flower.

Job received sunshine after the rain, but was the rain all wasted?

Is the rain related to the sunshine. Only God knows—His cross tell us.

God crowns our sorrow. Let this be our crown, O Lord.

We triumph when we learn the radiance of the rain.

The landscape, brown and dry under the sun,

Needs but the cloud to lift it into life;

The dews may dampen the tree and flower,

But it requires the cloud-distilled shower to bring rich greenness to the lifeless life.

O how like this, the landscape of a life:

Dews of trial fall like incense, rich and sweet;

But meaning little in the crystal tray—

Like moths of night, dews lift at break of day

And fleeting impressions leave, like lips that meet.

But clouds of trials, bearing burdens rare,

Leave in the soul, a moisture settled deep:

Life stirs by the powerful law of God;

And where before the thirsty camel trod,

There richest beauties to life’s landscape leap.

Then read you in each cloud that comes to you

The words of Paul, in letters large and clear:

So will those clouds your soul with blessing feed,

And with a constant trust as you do read,

All things together work for good.

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Relaxing in the fire

There is now no condemnation

There is now no adjudging

guilty of wrong

for those who are in Christ Jesus,

for we now live and walk

not after the dictates of the flesh,

but after the dictates of the Spirit.

Romans 8:1 Amplified

As the message renders this:

“All our fateful dilemmas

are resolved.

We no longer have to live

under a continuous,

low-lying grey cloud.

Because we have Christ’s

constant presence

We have Jesus power

in every situation.

The Spirit of life in Christ,

is like a strong wind,

God magnificently clears the air,

He frees us from a fated lifetime

of brutal tyranny

at the hands of the chief condemner


And his horde of crushing accusers”

So now we can Embrace Condemners

So now we can Accept Criticism

Granted; it’s not easy,

it’s an Acquired Taste

But let it be One of

Life’s Best Pleasures

God uses Critics for our good

God, knows our heart,

God uses critics to see things

in ourselves:

We get a glimpse of our

failings of faith

We detect where we’ve faltered

in practice,

We discover distorted emphases,

We get sightings on our blind spots,

We spy out our areas of neglect

We discern our attitudes

We spot actions contradictory

to stated commitments

But, we also spot strengths

We isolate significant contributions.

So when God uses critics to help us.

Although the criticism is mistaken,

There’s a grace in not leaping

too quickly to our defense.

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The Salvation of our souls

“Though we have not seen Jesus, we love Him;

and even though we do not see Jesus now,

We believe in Christ

and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy,

for we are receiving the end result of our faith,

the salvation of our souls.”

1 Peter 1:8

The salvation of our soul is not just about where we go when we die.

The word salvation means healing or deliverance at the deepest level

of who we are in the care of God through the presence of Jesus.

Sooner or later, our world will fall apart.

What will matter then is our soul constructed

in His salvation of our souls

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Seizing our Crown

We overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb and

the communication of our testimony.

Rev. 12:11

War broke out in Heaven. Michael and his Angels fought the Dragon.

The Dragon and his Angels fought back, but their no match for Michael.

They were cleared out of Heaven, not a sign of them is left.

The great Dragon— this ancient Serpent, the one called the Devil and Satan,

the one who led the whole earth astray— is thrown out,

and all his Angels thrown out with him, thrown down to earth.

God’s voice is saying, Salvation and power are established!

The Kingdom of our God, the authority of His Christ is set!

The Accuser of our brothers and sisters is thrown out,

The accuser who accuses us day and night before God.

We defeat him through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of our witness…

For the Devil’s come down on us with both feet; because he’s had a great fall;

He’s wild and raging with anger; he hasn’t much time and he knows it.

Rev 12:7-12 the message

When James and John came to Christ with their mother,

They asked Jesus for the best place in the kingdom,

Jesus didn’t refuse their request, but said it would be given to them

if they could do Jesus work, drink His cup, and be baptized with His baptism.

The greatest things are hedged about by the hardest things,

We, find impossible mountains and dense forests and chariots of iron.

Hardship is the price of regaling the crown.

Triumphal accolades and honors

are not woven out of rose blossoms and silken cords,

but of hard blows and bloody scars.

The very hardships that we are enduring in our life today

are given by the Master for the explicit purpose of enabling us to win our crown.

As MacDonald notes: we’re in training time for reigning time

Do not wait for some ideal situation, some romantic difficulty,

Do not wait for some far-away emergency;

but rise to meet the actual conditions

which the providence of God has placed around us today.

Our crown of glory lies embedded in the very heart of these things-

those hardships and trials that are pressing us now,

The hardest things are not those observed by others.

It’s those things down in our secret soul unseen and unknown by all but Jesus,

there are trials we don’t mention,

This is our crown. God help us to overcome, and wear it. —

Adapted remix

We fight the battle,

Faith is the victory

We Fight on!

Tomorrow there’s the song

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Participating In Providence

Our prayers don’t obstruct God’s providence.

Gods plans are what He’s predetermined

God’s designs and methodical unfolding

are what He prompts us to pray about.

Prayer is our means to Gods end.

Prayer is what we do to open our lives to what God desires to do.

Through meditating on Gods Word we can hear His living voice.

His voice is alive and powerful,

His voice is sharp and piercing

As we pray Gods Word He performs His will

The initiative is of God

It is of God’s own [free] will that He gave us birth

[as sons] by [His] Word of Truth James 1:18 | AMP

The response is from us through our prayers

Prayer is our reply to God’s asking us to seek His face and presence

Praying is our receiving of what God has determined to do for us

Jesus is always knocking at our hearts door.

He’s constantly wants access to our inner person.

God sought our first parents as they hid in the bushes

(to flush them out of their unresponsive seclusion)

So God reaches out to us for an intimate individual relationship.

We’re exhorted don’t refuse Him.

We receive Him as our royal guest,

We receive Him as our deepest friend

We receive Him as our constant companion.

And we listen to Him in His word

as He listens to us in our praying His word

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He feels each individual pain

I’ll make a list of all GOD’s gracious dealings,

Everything GOD does deserves our praise,

He is intricately generous in His bounties to us,

God has poured out His goodness and grace on us

Each of my family members have felt His love

For Jesus lavishes His Compassion

through His extravagant mercy.

God is infinitely faithful and would never betray us.

He’s our moment by moment Savior

In each and every trouble,

as the troubles that trouble us trouble Him too.

There’s no predicament where He won’t help us

Through His peerless love and pity He saves us.

As He tenderly rescues us and carries us

Through His path for us to His wonderful presence

Isaiah 63:7-9 individualized

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The Psalms is our prayer journal

Through the psalmists words

we can express with this

select poet as He Shepard’s

our thoughts guiding our words

He directs our expressions

by over and over exposing

his feelings out before God.

He pinpoints with passion,

He articulates by venting

his inner emotions.

He progresses through each

Impression with ruthless honesty

in God’s presence.

The beauty and power of prayer

Is that Jesus loves our feelings

and embraces each one.

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