Rescuing Others Is Seeking God

Search for the Lord and for His Strength;

Continually Seek Him

1 Chronicles 16:11 NLT

If you know people who have wandered off

from God’s truth, don’t write them off.

Go after them.

Get them back and by doing this

we’ll have rescued precious lives

from destruction

and we’ve prevented an epidemic

of wandering away from God.

James 5:19-20 personalized

Sometimes we’re stymied on every front

from touching others.

But God’s throne room of grace is open


We have continuous access to our


Our Lord energizes us to plead for

His gracious and wonderful impact on

each individual He’s given us to love.

“For everyone has been defeated by sin;

we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.”

Romans 3:23 Personalized

It’s time to come back from our wandering

We’ve walked in wasteland circles long enough.

Now turn, come to the God of all graces

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Increase Our Faith

George Müller cared for approximately 10,000 orphans

in the city of Bristol in the 19th century.

Müller’s faith continues to encourage us in

trusting God in each trying circumstances.

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We’re Starved Foe Affection

“Please, God, no more yelling,

no more trips to the woodshed.

Treat us nice;

We’re so starved for affection.

Can’t you see we’re black-and-blue,

We feel so beat

We’re clobbered badly in our soul?

God, how long will it take for you to let up?

Break in, God , and break up this fight;

if You love us at all, get us out of here.

We’re no good to You dead,

We can’t sing in your choir if we’re comatose

and buried in some tomb!

We’re exhausted of all this—

Our fatigue is excruciating.

Our existence is a flood of tears.

Our inner being is soaked and mucked in sorrow

Our eyes are sunken dry holes;

We’re nearly blinded by loss of fluid,

We squint and grope in disoriented blindness.

Get out of here, you demon controlled gougers

God! I know You’ve heard our sobs.

Let me feel You in my hungry soul

grant our prayers. answer our heart.

Make these cowards disappear,

Cause all opposition to disappear in disgrace,

Psalm 6:1-10 personalized

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Guide Our Every Step

Point us directly at You, Lord;

Lead us straight to Your heart.

When we walk down the street,

put Your arm around us

so our enemies can see whose side You’re on.

We’re like a thirsty deer

A deer whose being chased by oppressors

The fears of tragic pain is everywhere

We’re panting for comfort.

We’re parched and lonely

We need Your touch

We need the streams of water if Your presence,

Our soul yearns for You, O God.

Our heart thirsts for You,

You are our God, You are our perfect Father.

We long for You

Our passion is to be in Your presence constantly,

We want to sense being held by You

in every moment of our lives

Psalms 42:1 personalized

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Look up and look around

Lift up your eyes from where you are look north and south, east and west.

All the land that you see I will give to you.

Genesis 13:14–15

“No desire will ever be placed in us by the Holy Spirit unless God intends to fulfill it”

S. A. Keen

So please Lord let our faith rise up move forward to claim all the land You’ve given us

Everything we can comprehend through faith’s vision belongs to us

You’ve given us every spiritual blessing in heavenly places

You’ve risen us up with Christ, so energize as to seek Your things above

Help us look as far as we can, as You’ve promised it is all ours through You

Let us appreciate and then appropriate the adequacy of Your Spirit filling

Set our affections and desires on You Jesus

Let us be drawing on Your life moment by moment

Stimulate our trust to embrace all of Your wonders within the possibilities of our faith

Draw us closer and closer into an intimate relationship with You, in Your Word

Open up our soul completely to the power of Your Spirit

Please enrapture us in Your presence

Open up our understanding and enable us to see Your fullness

Lead us by Your voice in believing in all You have given to us

Let us accept for ourselves all the promises of Your Word,

Awaken our desires and cause us to be awoke in You

Make us aware of our possibilities as followers of Jesus

Show to us all the land,

Reveal every piece of spiritual territory that You’ve given to us

We’re grateful for Your provisions of grace, which help us along the way

We’re grateful for the way You fulfill Your promises to us

We’re grateful for this inner vision of assurances God and Your comforts within

We see how You give natural instinct in the heart of birds to fly to warmer climates

Give us spiritual instincts that lift us into Your Spirits uplifting breezes

Engulf us in the springlike warmth’s of prayers

Use the gust of each storm to cause us to fly up into the arms of Your heavenly hope

Jesus direct us with Your voice

Keep our eyes open to all You are for us, in us and through us

Make us see this man carrying a water jug. Move us to follow him. Luke 22:10

Lead us to a house where by faith we speak with the owner of the house:

Direct us to the guest room to eat the Passover meal with with You Lord

A spacious second-story room, swept and ready

Guide us in Preparing the meal with You Jesus

Let us yield as You Jesus gird Yourself with a towel and relax as You wash our feet

Luke 22:10-13

Lord lead us to Your spacious rooms!

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Springing up with color

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Faith looks and sees

Samuel Rutherford wrote

“When we know where we’re headed we shouldn’t worry about our limp”

Keep moving forward step by step

We go up by faith daily and see the place Christ is preparing for us.

Look through all our Father’s

rooms in heaven.

In our Father’s house are many dwelling places.”

When we purchase a place we shop first, we’re looking before we buy

But Christ has purchased for us already a mansion in His ivory


But He asks us to come and see,

by faith,

See the mansions prepared

See the person who made them

See the work He’s done

See the costs He’s paid

for our new place

We go and see as often as we want

A. B. SIMPSON notes

“Faith doesn’t concern itself

with our limitations”

Faith doesn’t worry over obstacles

Faith let’s Jesus live through our handicaps

Faith let’s Jesus use our pain

Faith sees Jesus in the places He

has us in

It’s not about what we are in ourselves

It’s about who we are in Jesus

“God reveals what a great God

He is for us.”

He asks us to open our eyes to see Him in everything…

The more we get from God,

the bigger beggars we are

And the greater our Father is

in all He provides

We’re to see His hand of provision

He’s opened His hand with gifts

Our Lord puts us in a position

where we have to take everything from His resources

God is disappointed

when we fail to do so.

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In writing I will sing

George Herbert claimed that

he saw God through his pen

How should I praise You, Lord!

how should our rhymes

Gladly engrave Your love in steel,

If what our soul does feel sometimes,

Yes if our soul might ever feel!

We’re aimed to feel the love of God

He wrote to engrave it in the steel

of human language for others

to see and feel.

His Poetry was entirely for God,

Isn’t our everything entirely for God?

He wrote:

As a poet He wanted to be

God’s echo.

God’s secretary.

To me,

Herbert’s noted my poems are the

“Secretarie of Your praise.”

O Sacred Providence,

who from end to end

Strongly and sweetly moves us!

shall we write,

And not write of You,

You through whom

our fingers bend

To hold our quill?

shall we not do You right?

Of all the creatures

both in sea and on land

But only to us

You’ve made known Your ways,

You put the pen into our hand,

You made us Secretaries

of Your praise.

God bends our fingers

around His quill.

Cause us to do You right

Make us faithful secretaries

of Your praise —

Let us faithfully render —

Let us beautifully render —

the riches of Your truth and beauty

Writing Leads to Seeing

In the poetic effort to speak

the riches of God’s greatness

Give deeper sight

into Your greatness.

Writing poetry isn’t merely

the expression of our experience

with God

We didn’t have it before the writing.

The writing is part of

our experience of God.

In writing we get the actualities

we get, the essence of things.

As one has written

My God, a verse is not a crown,

No point of honor, or happy suit,

No hawk, or banquet, or renown,

Nor a good sword, nor yet a lute:

It cannot vault, or dance, or play;

It never was in France or Spain;

Nor can it entertain the day

With a great stable or demain:

It is no office, art, or news;

Nor the Exchange, or busy Hall;

But it is that which while I use

I am with You, and Your my all.

Love bade me welcome:

yet my soul drew back,

The Guilt of dust and sin.

But quick-ey’d Love,

observed me grow slack

From my first entrance in,

You Drew nearer to me,

You sweetly questioned

If I lack’d any thing.

A guest, I answer’d,

I’m unworthy to be here:

Love said, you shall be he.

But I’m unkind,

But I’m ungrateful

I can’t look on You.

Your Love takes our hand,

and smiling You reply,

Who made the eyes but I?

Truth Lord, but we are marred:

this is our shame

Go to another who deserves You.

But, Love says, I bore the blame?

So we will serve.

You must sit down, says Love,

and taste My meat:

So we sit and eat.

Love’s yoke is easy

Love’s burden is light.

The King of kings serves us

He reclines us at His table,

and He comes and serve us

Luke 12:37

Love says:

sit down,

and taste my meat:

So we sit and eat.

So amazing that Jesus

would feast with us

So amazing that Jesus loves us

So amazing that He would

wrap a towel around Himself

and bow down to us

and wash our feet

before He goes to die for us

So amazing that His call of love

still comes to our ears

to bring us to feast with Him

He washes our feet

He makes us whole

What wondrous love is this,

O my soul, O my soul!

What wondrous love is this,

O my soul!

What wondrous love is this

that caused the Lord of bliss

To bear the dreadful curse

for my soul, for my soul,

To bear the dreadful curse

for my soul.

To God and to the Lamb,

I will sing, I will sing;

To God and to the Lamb I will sing.

To God and to the Lamb

Who is the great I Am;

While millions join the theme,

I will sing, I will sing;

While millions join the theme,

I will sing.

You friends of Zion’s king,

join His praise, join His praise;

You friends of Zion’s king,

join His praise;

You friends of Zion’s king,

with hearts and voices sing,

and strike each tuneful string

in His praise, in His praise!

and strike each tuneful string

in His praise!

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Give us this faith

Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel, the prophets….

Through acts of faith,

they toppled kingdoms,

made justice work,

took the promises for themselves.

They were protected from lions,

They were protected in the fires,

They were protected when swords were thrusts at them,

They turned disadvantage to advantage,

They won battles,

They routed alien armies.

Women received their loved ones back from the dead.

There were those who,

under torture,

They refused to give in and go free,

They preferred something better:

They sought resurrection.

Others braved abuse and whips,

Others endured chains

Others survived dungeons.

We have stories of those

who were stoned,

Stories of some sawed in two,

We have stories of those who were murdered in cold blood;

We have stories of vagrants wandering the earth in animal skins,

We have stories of those who were homeless, friendless, powerless—

The world didn’t deserve them!—

They were making their way as best they could on the cruel edges of the world.

Heb. 11:32-38

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Give us eyes

“And there came a lion.”

1 Sam. 17:34

It is a source of inspiration and strength to come in touch with David, trusting God.

Through faith in God David conquered a lion and a bear,

and afterwards God used David to overthrow a giant problem, Goliath.

When that lion came to ravage the flock,

David viewed it as a wonderful opportunity

He could have failed by fear and missed God’s opportunity for him

But He was by faith made bold

“”And there came a lion.”

The lion was a special blessing

from God;

The lion was God’s opportunity

in disguise.

Every difficulty we have, is God’s opportunity.

Every temptation that comes is God’s opportunity.

When our “lion” comes,

We’re to recognize it as God’s opportunity

Faith doesn’t recoil at the terror of the roaring exterior.

God’s tabernacle was covered with badgers’ skins and goats’ hair;

How can a rough hairy exterior

have God’s glory disguised?

The Shekinah of God is hidden under all kinds of covering.

God please open our eyes to see You under every grizzly challenge

Lord God let us have

an eye of faith on Your power

in every temptation,

in every trials,

in every dangers,

in every misfortunes

in every weakness


God You Alone Can Save

Give us eyes to see

O Lord, we’re insufficient

You are all-sufficient

We feel inadequate

You are completely adequate

We have to have Your intervention

Not just here and there

But constantly

Intervene for us

please help

You can pierce the scales

of the monstrous ones

You can get under the thick

impenetrable skin of Leviathan

Penetrate everything that

appears impenetrable

You can make us feel

all that You desire us to feel

You can speak to a grave

You can call out to the dead

to come to life

You can speak to rocks

You can bring praise

from hard hearts

You can lecture the mountains

and they skip like Rams

the little hills like Lambs

You can move them

You move us where You want

You can move anyone with arguments

You can make the blind see

You, Lord, can pierce

our hearts the sinner

Penetrate our hearts Lord

You can direct an arrow between

the cracks of our armor

Direct us with truth

Cut deep into our bone and marrow

You are the God of all armies

We come through David against Goliath

We come to wrestle,

not with flesh and blood

You wrestle through us

with the raging rulers

and cosmic powers

You wrestle through us

with spiritual forces

of the evil of this world

Lord defeat the wicked one

Lord, take away the armor

from the strong man

Lord give us the captives

out of Satans grasp

Lord, choose our words

Lord, skill us in the use

of Your weapons

Lord, pierce below

our resistant surface

Lord, cut to the heart

Lord, take all opposition down

We will pray until You hear us

We will pray until our loved ones

live in Your sight!

Lord, save them, or they will perish

Our hearts are crushed

if our loved ones

are endlessly lost

Lord, have compassion,

Lord, save us out of the burning

Put your powerful voice forth

and the work will be done

Slay our sin and save our soul

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