Escargot is a dish consisting of cooked edible land snails.

They are often served as an hors d’oeuvre and consumed as a delicacy

You can buy canned escargot in any grocery store.

But they are slip sliding around in our garden like starving maniacs

I’ve read they really love bran flakes.

These slick gooey treasures will eat bran flakes until they explode.


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‪Don’t allow the luxury of despondency.

It’s dangerous. ‬

‪Depression drains the heart

Despair denies us impressions of grace. ‬

‪Disillusion magnifies & falsifies coloring to objects

Discouragement renders our burdens too heavy.

God’s designs are infinitely wise

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His sweetness

Knowing Jesus as our Lord & Savior

is a song,
is an ecstasy,
is a feast,
is a revelry.

It is strong as the rock is strong,

it is as sweet as the honey is sweet.

F W Boreham

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Fill us

Father, we’re prone to complain.

We admit it.

Let us reflect Your joy

Allow us to exemplify Your beauty.

Fill us with Your grace,

Fill us with Your tenderness,

Fill us with Your light,

Fill us with Your truth.

Let Your energizing Spirit

live through us

Use us to lift up those around us.

As You break us through pressures,

let Your fragrance spill through us.


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Our weaknesses

Where we’re devastatingly weak.

When we’re exhausted,

Where we’re broken down and fragile.

When we appear to have an incurable disability.

Where our thoughts are toxically tainted,

There fill our mind with your truth.

When our soul is cluttered in duplicity

Where we feel artificial treachery,

Then purge us with Your integrity.

When we’re twisted by inappropriate unfitting habits,

Make us trustworthy and reliable.

When we’re polluted in our own waste,

make us pure.

When we’re shamefully unattractive & horridly repulsive.

Fill us with Your loveliness.

When our reputation is warped in scandal,

Where we’re disgrace and discredited.

Give us Your new name.

Keep us from notorious atrocities.

Replace our inadequacies with Your virtues.

Take our shame & disgrace and replace it

With Your glory and praise.

In the name Jesus

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It’s almost like Jesus prefers losers, cast-offs, and ne’er-do-wells.

Like He’s recruiting sinners, in fact.

God is prioritizing broken people from broken situations

to be His chosen emissaries to a broken world.

Which means that as weird & messy as our churches may be,

We are exactly suited to this weird & messy time we’ve found in our cultures.

Sure we’d all prefer to hang with cool people. You know hip type folks.

The churches now seem to predominantly want the young attractive look.

We want the cool name that sounds more progressive. (or at least, we think its cool).

We want newer hipper music.

We want a cool space to do cool things.

The traditional is out and the “old people” stuff, are you kidding

Will come on. That’s not the best face for growth strategy

Adapted from J. Wilson

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Be willing

“If we are not willing,

we confess that we are willing

to be made willing”

John 7:17

When we surrender full control
of our life & plans to Christ,
we discover God’s peace.

When we lose our lives for his sake,
we find Christ’s life instead.

Adapted from F B Meyer

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