Growing In Trust with Every Step

‘…be transformed by the renewing of your mind’

Rom. 12:1-2

When God guided Israel from Egypt to their promised land

why didn’t He provide a fleet of stretch limousines?

Why did they travel slowly step by step?

We read in Psalm 13 a lament about all these unchanging aggravations

And how the Psalmist was faced with continual challenges

And with what appears to be unsolvable problems

The groaning complaint is how long will these troubles last?

The Psalmist pleads that God will intervene

He appeals that his enemies would be corrected

He implores God to change the opinions of others about him

He requests that his life would have a positive impact on others

He pleads that he won’t be disgraced before he dies.

He cries for immediate help,

He begs for vindication.

He admits his doubts

He asks that his heart would be filled with trust in the Lord

He urges the Lord to lift his heart up to an attitude of praise and gratitude

In the wilderness of this world we’re led step by step and day by day and

there is constantly opposition in our path to teach us to draw on God’s solutions

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