Let Us Feel Your Ears On Our Lips Psalms 5

1 Give ear to our words, O Lord, consider our meditation.

Listen to our words, O Lord

Listen, O God! Please, hear us

Please, pay attention! Respond

Give us sensitivity to Your voice

Help us in our so many ramblings

Cause our expressions of praying to be on target

I say the wrong things all the time and my attitudes are so icky

Father we give You all our groans and we pour out our cries to You

Drench us in Your Unmitigated love

Douse us in Your Unreserved grace

Drown us in Your Unrestrained mercy

Please, God, please hear our prayers

please, listen to our groaning heart

please hear our silent moans of sadness

2 Hearken to the voice of our cry our King and our God for to You will we pray

You are our King

You are our God,

We need Your help

Lead us

Help us lean on You every moment

Guide us to trust You

We need You in all our circumstances

You hear every detail we give it all to You

Every morning we lay out the puzzle pieces of our lives

our life is confusing but we put all on Your altar

We watch for Your acting

Please make Your fire to descend on us

Please reach us

Please touch us

Solve our broken pieces

Only You, Lord can put us right

3 our voice You’ll hear in the morning, O Lord;

in the morning will we direct our prayer to You and we will look up

We lay out all our particular life details At Your throne of grace

we place our life At Your feet we rest each challenge for Your action

We eagerly wait for You

Please speak into our heart

4 For You are not a God that has pleasure in wickedness

neither will evil dwell with You

Keep us from twisted people

Deliver us from socializing with fools

Keep us from inviting Evil over as our houseguest

Wickedness turns us off

It upsets our stomach, God

You expel all that’s evil

You can’t stand arrogance

5 The foolish will not stand in Your sight

You hate all workers of iniquity and promoters of perversity

Make us salt and light

All Hot-Air-Boaster will collapses in front of You

Make our speech gracious and salted with Spirit promptings

You shake Your head over trouble-Makers

Develop us to be constructive and uplifting energy givers

In Your presence, fools trip over their own pride, falling flat on their faces

You sweep them out the door

So manifest Your presence in every inch of this world with obvious clarity

6 You will destroy them that speak lies

the Lord will abhor the violent and deceitful man

Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to You

God you’ll destroy liars

Fill us with Your truth

You’re disgusted with the Blood Thirsty

You’re irate with all Truth-twisters

Your landfill is brimming with liars

Your disposal services gathers up murders and fakers!

7 But as for us, we will come into Your house

in the multitude of Your mercy

and in Your fear will we worship toward Your holy temple

And here we are, Your invited guest

This is amazing this is incredible!

We enter Your house;

We bow in awe and worship

We delight in the privacy of Your presence

We enjoy Your mercy and love, seasoned with abundant grace

When we enter Your house of worship, and we kneel in reverent awe

8 Lead us, O Lord, in Your righteousness

because of our enemies; make Your way straight before our face

We’re Waiting for Your directions

We’re asking to get us safely through enemy lines.

Take our hand, Lord and guide us safely through enemy territory

Show us the right way to go show us the right way to live

9 For there is no faithfulness in their mouth their inward part is very wickedness

their throat is an open sepulcher

they flatter with their tongue

Every word they speak is a land mine

their lungs breathe out poison gas

Their throats are gaping graves

their tongues slick as mudslides

A perpetual stampede of lies gush from our enemies’ mouths,

They trample everything in sight

Like open graves, their gaping throats threaten to devour us

10 Destroy them, O God let them fall by their own counsels

cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions

for they have rebelled against You

Pile on the guilt, God!

Let their so-called wisdom wreck them

Kick them out!

They’ve had their chance

Their smooth-talking tongues are wolves in sheep’s clothing

Make them pay, God!

Let them bury themselves in the graves they dug for us

Banish them!

Send them into exile for turning against You.

11 But let all those that put their trust in You rejoice:

let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them

let them also that love Your name be joyful in You

But you’ll welcome us with open arms

We run securely for cover in You

Let the party last all night!

Stand guard over our celebration

But reward Your faithful followers as we can’t stop shouting for joy!

Wrap Your strong, loving arms around us as we celebrate Your name into eternity.

12 For You, Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor will You compass us as with a shield

You are famous, God,

You welcome our reaching out to You God

you fill us in delight for You and For Your solutions

Unleash Your protective nature on us, Lord;

shield us with Your loving-kindness.

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