Our Blessings

Jesus assures us

We’re blessed when We’re broken as we’re
released from ourselves and resting in God

We’re blessed when we feel abandoned and

It’s then that we’re in the arms of Christ’s love.

We’re blessed when we know Jesus design of us

these are riches beyond our wildest dreams

this is prosperity that money can’t buy

We’re blessed when Jesus is our only nourishment.

When the delight of feeding on Him satisfies
our hunger and refreshes our longing with our completeness in Him.

We’re blessed when our care
and investment in others lives
is an investment in Jesus and
a deposit in the bank of God’s glory

As we grow in compassion for others we feel
Christ’s compassion through us and for us

We’re blessed when our inner being is filled
with the purifying grace of God’s forgiveness

For in the stress and anguish of others rejection
is where we feel our acceptance in Christ alone

This is when we see God

This is when the Prince of peace
erases our turmoil

This is when our God of all comfort
eases our pain

This is when the joy of the Lord transforms
our greatest sorrows into our greatest delight

We’re blessed when in agitating impossibilities
We exercise peace making diplomacy

This is a Godlike approach of sacrificial giving

We’re blessed when we don’t waste life
in winning in every conflict.

We’re blessed when we refuse to succeed
by aggressive competitiveness

We prosper through cooperation

We gain through promoting
the fragrance of reasonableness

We’re Blessed when we’re hounded by hurtful
rejectors whose goal is to cause pain in our soul

Let Jesus take the wheel of our total wreckage
If others claim we’re irreparably damaged

Let our creative life changing King of our life
pour His righteousness’ into every hurt

We’re Blessed when others revile us,

when they denounce us

when they discredit us

when they defame us

when they disparage our expressions

when they berate us

when they condemn our character

when they slight us with slander

Will guess what! That’s a plus

We’re in good company

That’s the resume of faiths hall of fame

That’s how Jesus was treated

Serial slanderers are lifting us up to live
out a life of Christ within

All the beauty of God’s creation is
now on exhibition in us
as Jesus is manifested

Matthew 5:3-12 personalized

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