We’re Starved Foe Affection

“Please, God, no more yelling,

no more trips to the woodshed.

Treat us nice;

We’re so starved for affection.

Can’t you see we’re black-and-blue,

We feel so beat

We’re clobbered badly in our soul?

God, how long will it take for you to let up?

Break in, God , and break up this fight;

if You love us at all, get us out of here.

We’re no good to You dead,

We can’t sing in your choir if we’re comatose

and buried in some tomb!

We’re exhausted of all this—

Our fatigue is excruciating.

Our existence is a flood of tears.

Our inner being is soaked and mucked in sorrow

Our eyes are sunken dry holes;

We’re nearly blinded by loss of fluid,

We squint and grope in disoriented blindness.

Get out of here, you demon controlled gougers

God! I know You’ve heard our sobs.

Let me feel You in my hungry soul

grant our prayers. answer our heart.

Make these cowards disappear,

Cause all opposition to disappear in disgrace,

Psalm 6:1-10 personalized

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