4. Eph.1:5-6 Prospered by Predetermination part 4

Eph.1:5-6 Prospered by Predetermination part 4

   Communicate to us Our Riches

       in Our Sovereign Father v.3-6

          Animate Your Plans   v.5

               Decode Your Predetermined Enactment  in love, Having predestinated us 

                                                                 unto the adoption of sons by Jesus Christ to himself,

Detail Your Pleasant Expectation  according to the good pleasure of his will,

        Affirm To Us Your Point   v.6

           Bless Us With Your Powerful Enablement To the praise of the glory of his


Beautify Us With Your Positive Endorsement   wherein he hath made Us

                                                                                                          accepted in the beloved.

Decode Your Predetermined Enactment  in love, Having predestinated us unto the 

                                                                                 adoption of sons by Jesus Christ to himself 

Now we have a few more confusing terms which don’t especially translate into our present life experiences.  Let me explain it this way.  If I was very rich and had a thriving business I might name it Midkiff’s Company Inc.

Now if I had all kinds of forethought and anticipative planning I could name the prosperous business Midkiff and Sons with the thought of including my eight children under the term sons having in mind both my 4 daughters and 4 sons sharing in all the privilege and riches of my company.  That is some wealthy companionship.

God our father in His infinite fathomless love has predestinated or predetermined us to the adoption of sons.  In the Roman culture, which was different than ours, a child in the family didn’t have the privileges of the family or any of the prosperity or profit from the family anymore than a common employee that had some minor privileges by labor.

When the children got to a certain age they could be adopted by the father who placed them into full status of the family riches.  It was called the adoption of sons.  This is the doctrine of predestination.

Election is a predetermination to salvation.  Predestination is a predetermination to son-ship or all the privileges of the Father.

Both experiences and blessings are entitlements to our spiritual riches.  These riches were preplanned, unearned, and are encountered, expressed and embraced in Christ, through Christ and by Christ.

Detail Your Pleasant Expectation  according to the good pleasure of his will,

The concept of God as a father is a beautiful family image.  God is the creator of relationship which is something we all long for.  He, as a father, is pleasant to be with and He has vast plans to share His good pleasure.  The most pleasing thing to God is to have us near Him.  He wants to surround Himself with us.  Fathers often want to have enough wealth and property to build mansions for their children to live near to Him.

Affirm To Us Your Point   v.6

     Bless Us With Your Powerful Enablement To the praise of the glory of his grace,

This is a reality; God our heavenly Father is pleased with us.  His deep joy is in us being as close to Him as possible, that is His plan and pleasure, and the more we delight in the glory of His grace and His delight in our nearness,  the deeper we are induced to praise and evoke glory for His powerfully enabling drawing of us nearer and nearer.

As our father He is incredibly available to us, for no matter what time it is in the day or night, He is available, He enjoys our voice, delights in our desires and shares all His riches with us in a celebration of the intimacy of relationship.  How can we not burst in admiration for our Father, extol His glory and acclaim His Grace?

Beautify Us with Your Positive Endorsement  wherein he hath made Us accepted

                                                                                             in the beloved.

He pours out additional rich blessing in giving us the greatest favor imaginable.  There is something immensely relaxing about being accepted by another person.  To be accepted by God in the beloved is the peak tranquility of all.

The illustration is inadequate but the favorite position of my little 3 pound poodle is to rest on my chest as I lounge back in a comfortable chair.  He relaxes there with his brown eyes staring at my face.

God has made us accepted in the beloved.  We have been positioned in the riches of a position of Eternal adoration.  He adores us and we adore Him.  We love Him because He first loved us.  We reach out to Him because He reached out to us.  We pour out our hearts to Him because He poured out His life for us.  We have a God who has lifted us up to Himself, embraced us in Christ and filled us with His Spirit.

Alford says:

“The end, God’s end, in our predestination to adoption is, that the glory, glorious nature, brightness and majesty, and kindliness and beauty,—of His grace might be the object of men and angel’s praise: both as it is in Him, ineffable and infinite,—and exemplified in us, its objects.”

The term accepted can be translated as freely bestowed or richly favored.  The riches of God’s grace makes us completely accepted, it is freely bestowed on us and we are richly favored in Christ through it.  Beloved is the word, one loved par excellence, the Son of His permanent love.  In other words we are placed into the one who is in a state of being constantly loved.  Being there in loves embrace is a peace and delight that is described as joy unspeakable and full of glory.

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