12. Eph. 1:13-14 Spirit Sensitivity part 12

Eph. 1:13-14 Spirit Sensitivity part 12

Comfort in Our Riches From The Spirit v.13-14

     Declare How The Spirit Pursues v.13      In whom ye also trusted,

Define How The Spirit Proclaims             after that ye  heard the word of truth,

                                                                                     the gospel of your salvation:

Display How The Spirit Persuades    in whom also after that ye believed

Detect How The Spirit Protects  ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise

     Diagnose How The Spirit Is Our Pledge v.14  Which is the earnest of our


Direct How The Spirit Preserves until the redemption of the purchased possession

Discipline in How The Spirit Promotes Praise unto the praise of his glory.

God the Spirit is now considered in this prison letter.  The purposes of the Lord in Paul’s trial of imprisonment are relational and compositional.  He has the same plan in each of our lives in the things He allows to on the physical scale bind us.

The Lord talks through us to others in our bondages and limitations as we relax in His purposes for us in the restrictive confines He allows us in.  The squeeze of life, the cold dark bars of our cell, and what can be looked at as a hampering flaw, obstructive fetter, or shackling encumbrance all have a purpose.

Each aspect in our experience, personality and disappointing impediments, whether financial, occupational, relational or physical debilitation, when handed over to the Spirits plan, these become a work of art, a masterpiece of beauty and a symphonic concerto for God’s glory and others growth and encouragement.

Comfort in Our Riches From The Spirit v.13-14 

 Declare How The Spirit Pursues v.13      In whom ye also trusted,

Trust is the key to everything; faith in the Lord is the means and the only explanation that unlocks the door of our imprisonment to release our soul in His praise and plans.

Define How The Spirit Proclaims         after that ye heard the word of truth,

the gospel of your salvation:

We have to have ears to hear, and attentiveness to the Spirits words.  There is a constant need for an inclination to the truth of His precious word to us.  He will individualize His word to our specific need.

The Spirit with precision and detailed explicitness gives express, identifiable expressions to deliver us from every situation.  It may not be from but possibly through and more than likely in the circumstance of distress.

There is the good news of salvation but this news is not limited just to our eternal destiny.  It’s news for every aspect of deliverance to the things that bind us in this life.  The gospel of our salvation is not just deliverance for the penalty of our sin but its liberation from the power of our sin also.

We can’t just cave in and say we can’t change.  Receiving power from the Spirits indwelling is the capacity to turn our sorrows to a Psalm and our prisons into powerful life changing truths for not only for us but all we’re called to touch.

Display How The Spirit Persuades    in whom also after that ye believed

Faith is developed and strengthened in the frictions of life as the Spirit not only allows our heartache but brings to us the soothing oils of His relief and comfort.  It’s after that, that we believe, and believing or resting in the Spirit is what sets us on high in the storms of tragedy and impending disaster.  We lean in faith as He persuades, influences, sways and wins over our heart and trust in His ways and pleading in and through us.

Detect How The Spirit Protects   ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise

The sealing of the Holy Spirit is the authenticating He achieves in our life, the proof of our reality as God’s family members.  He protects us by His securing seal of not only approval but of assurances.  Because of this authorization of endorsement we have the documents of being processed as genuine in the life of God.

His backing and credential is written in and upon us and we can’t ever lose or be voided of our perfect identity in Christ.  We are the genuine article of undeniable reality as God’s own.  Sealed is the thought of a being bona fide as the real deal.

Diagnose How The Spirit Is Our Pledge v.14 Which is the earnest of our inheritance

An earnest is a foretaste or preview of what is in store for us.  The earnest was the down payment which insured the payment in full which was to follow for the full purchase.  The Spirit of God is our pledge, a deposit of a life which will soon be transferred to all the infinite wealth and riches of eternity and rapture in the mansions and glory of heaven.  The Spirit is our guarantee, the security deposit, the promise of the full unfathomable payment which is soon to come.

Direct How The Spirit Preserves  until the redemption of the purchased possession,

The Spirit is preserving us; He keeps us, safeguards us, protects and stores us until we’re finally taken to our real home in heaven.  It’s hard to imagine anything which would be better as we can get a massive comfort zone on this earth dwelling scenario.

That’s why the comfort zones get knock around a bit from time to time.  So we’ll learn real life in Jesus and His Spirit.  Heaven is infinitely better from every aspect which almost seems ridiculous to say.  Heaven is the real definition of home.  It’s amazing and intriguing that we are actually designed for paradise.

Discipline in How The Spirit Promotes Praise  unto the praise of his glory.

The deeper we enter in to all that the Spirit has done, is doing and will continue to do the greater will be our praise to His glory.

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