3. The Palace Of Blessing (the real blessed man & our joy to share it ) Psalm 1:1 part 3

The Palace Of Blessing                     Psalm 1:1 part 3

Saturate in Your Blessings v.1    Blessed is the man

The blessed people, as we shared in part 1, were the children of the father of faith, Abraham.  They became a nation, Israel, and yet over the passing of centuries, have turned from God ultimately rejecting their King, the Lord Jesus Christ, sent to them from God.  The result of this snubbing and refusing of Christ was the crucifixion of Jesus, which God used for His glory.  When the Lord rose to life and ascended back to His heaven many responded to the ascended Man but the nation still rejected Him.  The results have been tragic to the Jews as a nation.

But still we see, in the Jews, a significant blessing in their influence on the world from God.  They we’re to be the head of blessing to all of humanity but the prince of darkness has deceived them and they have been cut off for a time as if they were blind.

They were still the channels God used to communicate His Word of revelation of Him self to humanity. They are the chosen individuals God called to send His Son through, as the source of all blessing.

The ultimate blessed man is Jesus, and our blessings are all to be discovered and attained in Him.  These are not accomplishments in earthly achievements and assets even though they may be realized. These are blessings of spiritual attainments in Christ and changing into the qualities of His characteristic of love as He lives in us.

The blessed person is an individual who understands the divergence of the road to ruin away from Jesus and the road to rejoicing in Christ.

The blessed person is anyone who has a living relationship with Jesus Christ and has heard the call of His voice on their life and opened their heart to receive Him, accept His person for all that He is.  They acknowledge their need of His life given to take away our sin. They are alert of any revolt against God and His principles.

Robert Frost’s made use of the idea in the poem

“The Road Not Taken.”

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference

Dante begins the Divine Comedy with thought on the opposite road,

Midway this way of life we’re bound upon,

I woke to find myself in a dark wood,

Where the right road was wholly lost and gone.

Solomon delineates these two paths of rejoicing in blessing or the path of declining in ruin in the book of Proverbs.  They are under two heads between the blessings of wisdom in one’s life contrasted to the cursing of foolishness in another’s life.

In Proverbs there are a variety of qualities in character placed under the umbrella of wisdom.  Then there is an array of twists of perversions in oddball eccentricities in individuals placed under the umbrella of folly.

We choose the path we want to walk in. Between these two roads, we examine ourselves, are we stepping on the path of blessing or staggering onto the wide road of cursing?

The all-inclusive purpose of God in reaching out and creating us is that we might be blessed in our being with His life.

The all-embracing persistence of God in chasing after us in the squalor of our defying Him and His plans for us is to bless us with His life.

The all en-compassing passion of God in communicating His Words to us and revealing His life to us in the personality and self humbling sacrificial love of Jesus Christ is to bless us with His life.

The blessed person is the individual who is being immersed and filled with the life of God.  God is the only one who blesses.  He’s the source and giver of true blessing.  God is love and the distinguishing characteristic of perfect love is to prosper those that are the object of His love.

Jesus has come to take the curse and erase it’s taint so that now we are in Him sharing His entire blessing.  He takes what may seem a curse now and turns all to a blessing.

We now are to take each day and say, this is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.  We find our blessing in handing ourselves over to the mercies of God.

We see the external forces that are at work in the pressures of the world around us.  There are stresses and demands; they are constantly pushing on us, demanding to conform us to their pattern and taxing us into their scheme.  It’s the world that is grabbing at us to rob us of our blessings in Christ.

God’s Spirit voices out to us that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ.  It is ours but we have to step into this path of blessing with expectant ambition too secure these blessings.

The only way we can be embraced by them and live as the blessed individuals we have been positioned at in Christ and called too by His Spirit is by a transformation process inside of us.  Heart renewal, and mental repairs are the inner work of the indwelling Spirit.  He is always present and He does this in daily renewing of the mind in the Word of God.  The Word of God is His voice reassuring, restoring and regenerating us in God’s blessing.

There is the need of daily internal cleansing to combat the forces of darkness that oppose with brainwashing confusion.

So we have God who has blessed us in Christ and our part in the development of faith to be engulfed by our blessings in Jesus through His Word and Spirit within.

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