5. Eph.1:7 Rich in the Deliverance of Jesus part 5

Eph. 1:7 Rich in the Deliverance of Jesus part 5 

Captivate in Our Riches in Our Savior Jesus v.7-12

     Elaborate To Us How We Are Saved   v.7

     Enlighten Us In Our Being Purchased          

In whom we have redemption through his blood,

The facets of salvation are vast but we can summarize it some by describing our deliverance as being saved from something to being saved to and in someone.

Salvation is apportioned up in the Scripture between the three Persons in the Trinity.

The Father Eph.1:3-6

The Son v.7-12

The Spirit v.13-14

God the Father planed and purposed salvation.

The Son performed the payment & the price of salvation.  He’s the one we’re saved to and in.  The Lord Jesus Christ the richest and only true King and Lord of the visible and invisible realm.  He’s the God of all eternity, God the Son, second person of the triune God who took on manhood, to be born in time and taste our humanity.

Salvation is not us, trying to do something about our sins and it’s not us, trying to be someone in place of our sin.

Salvation is about a perfect man that paid a prefect price for our sin.  A person who is now a resurrected man living in the heavens, a man who can be touched with our feelings and yet He is infinite God.

We are saved to Him, He is our head we are His body, He is the bridegroom we are His bride.  He is our brother we are His brethren, He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother; He is our Lord of Love we are His servants.  He is the Captain of our salvation and we are solders in His spiritual conflict against darkness and deception.   We are rich in Christ.

Enlighten Us In Our Being Purchased          

In whom we have redemption through his blood,

Redemption is a word, which means paying the ransom price.  It’s tragic to have a loved one in prison and not be able to pay the amount for their release.  It’s even worse, to see that one you deeply care for in some devastating slavery or bondage and to not be capable of releasing them from their repressive torment and condition.

Robert Laidlaw faced the question in his booklet

“The Reason Why”

How could one life given, the Lord Jesus Christ’s one life, be considered the substitute for the lives of so many?  How could His life be capable of complete liberation for all lives from the penalty, power and even the presence of sin?

“That seems a fair question—a problem in arithmetic that can be demonstrated on paper. Christ was God manifest in the flesh—Deity in humanity—so that the life He gave was an infinite life, which can meet the needs of any number of finite lives. Get a sheet of paper and write down all the big figures you can think of—millions or more—add them up. Now you have a big number; then multiply it by 10-100—by a million if you like—cover sheets of paper, and after all you still have a finite number—a number that has bounds set about it—it has a beginning and an end, however far it may extend. No, by adding finite things together no man has ever been able to make that which is infinite. The infinite life of Christ given for sinners is more than sufficient to save all who accept Him as the One who died in their room and stead.”

The person implicated in our problem and caught up in our purchase is the greatest person of all time.  Our creator Jesus Christ, in the infiniteness of His love, He became our redeemer.

That is the person of our purchase but what about the price of our purchase.

Sometimes I place my poodle into a cage, he cries to be released and I really don’t have to pay anything to get Him out because I’m able to bend over and take him out.

Our ransom amount was astronomical, excessively exorbitant to the enormity of infinite.  We we’re trapped in a powerful cage of sin, which infested our entire nature and we we’re controlled by a tyrannical master Satan.

Our prison wasn’t just a life sentence it was an eternal death sentence.  Not only we’re we controlled and enslaved but blinded and deceived by his lies and diabolical substitutes.

The price of our purchase was eternally costly.  To unlock the door of our prison, our redeemer, Jesus, had to leave the wealth and beauty of Heaven, enter human life by means of the incarnation; He was born into poverty as a man, lived a perfect life, and then as He reached out by teaching, doing miracles and demonstrating love, He was accused constantly, then completely rejected.

He was betrayed and let down by one He had loved and cared for. He was sold, captured and revealed to His haters with a traitors kiss.

Arrested and tried in a false court.  Mocked and beat savagely, nailed to a cross to suffer the agony of crucifixion, the heartbreak of abandonment, the hurt of scorn, derision and dishonoring indignities, and the horror of being made sin, the agony and torture of God’s eternal wrath for all the sin of the world, and the disgrace, discredit and degrading dishonor of death, as His blood was poured out and shed for us.

That was the price of our redemption and pardon. Peter who witnessed it all said

we weren’t redeemed with corruptible things, as silver & gold

But with the precious blood of Christ1 Peter 1:18-19.

Paul says we are rich and our intense value is demonstrated by the price that was paid for us:

In whom we have redemption through his blood,

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