7. Eph. 6:11 Battling Spiritually and Clashing with the Unseen 7

Battling Spiritually and Clashing with the Unseen 7


Our Protection v.11

Be a Force

        Our Array  It’s Clothing               Put on

Our Armor  It’s Complete           the whole armor

Our Almighty  It’s Christ              of God

In Psalms 18:31-36 we see our almighty, our armor and our array.

A Dynamic Display 

  In His Person v.31

He is Strengthening       for who is God save the LORD?

We are pathetically fragile.  No matter what physical fortification we gather around us, our vulnerability is relentless.  Our only strength is seeing God as our Lord and receiving Him as our master?

He alone is the true God. He deserves our admiration and praise; He merits our confidence and commitment. As we commit ourselves to Him, We will know Him as our Lord.  He doesn’t force Himself on us, we’re free to trust in ourselves and run our own life.  But He offers His power and asks us to receive Him as our Master.

As our Lord and master, He is our creator.  We can relax in trust as He supports, sustains and secures us.  He controls our beginning and our end.  He overrules as our sovereign leader.  The Lord predicts all things in our lives.  He directs each circumstance, each incident, and every situation.  All things come from His hand and as we allow Him to be our Lord we can depend on His strengthening. We can trust in His forgiveness and admire Him as the one who reinforces us by His enabling love and encouraging presence.

We access His strength as we accept His Lordship and give ourselves to Him.  This is a point in time decision first, but a daily reckoning also, as we consent to our need. We will continue to rediscover our shaky feebleness and need of Christ’s shepherding involvement.  We have to reach out to His reaching in, and His dwelling gentle leading for us.

He is Stabilizing       or who is a rock save our God?

A rock is a safe protective refuge.  Our God is a shelter to protect us from our vulnerability.  We are susceptible and exposed to constant liability and danger.  The Lord is our only security.

In His Provision v.32-34

He Gives Energy            It is God that girds me with strength

The word gird means God equips us with the covering of His strength.  He gives us the adequacy and provides the capability we need for every circumstance He allows into our life.

He Gives Enhancement     and makes my way perfect

The word perfect means complete, whole, secure, intact and entire.  Our way can mean our path, our manner and even our behavior.  Our life is complete and intact through the provision of Christ’s energy and enhancements.  He enriches and develops our surroundings as we confide in all our ways to Him.  We are to trust in the Lord with all our heart, don’t just trust our inner logic, but listen to His word.  In every choice we need to look to Him, accept Him in everything, and He will direct our decisions and path.

 He Gives Efficiency He makes my feet like hinds’ feet,

                                              & sets me upon my high places           

A deer is known for swiftness, agility and gracefulness.  The high place is the position of victory and location where we can care for others in prayer.  It’s our relationship with the Lord that develops in us, a capability to maneuver through the problems and challenges of others, and ourselves, where we can bring it all effectively to the Lord for solutions.

He Gives Effectiveness He teaches my hands to war, so that a 

                                                    bow of steel is broken by mine arms.

Snarly conflicts can be dealt with in skillful tact in Christ’s enablement.  We can confront seemingly impossible tasks in the power the Lord gives.  Breaking a steel bow mean bending it so that it’s rigid tension can be used to aim at our desired target.

In His Protection v.35-36

     He Shields                     You give me the shield of Your salvation

To be shielded by Christ is an amazing provision.  That Jesus stands between all that is against us is complete protection.  He will be secure us in His safe keeping better then an army of highly trained secret service.

 He Supports                 and Your right hand holds me up,

Jesus is our backer; He guarantees us and keeps us upright by holding on to us with His strong hand that’s firm and tender.

He’s Sensitive               Your gentleness makes me great

The calm gentle treatment of Jesus is delicate and penetrating with complex elegance.  God’s meekness leads us in humility, which is our prominence.  The Lord doesn’t force us to receive His way, over our way, but His loving example shows the thoughtfulness of His value of each of us.

He’s Steady                You have enlarged my steps under me, so my feet don’t slip.

The Lord gives us balance, poise and self-assured composer. As we trust in Him, He comes under us, lifting us up above all the things that can make us slide into catastrophe.

In His Preparation v.37-38

     He Gives Us Tactics      I have pursued mine enemies, and overtaken them

It’s through Christ that we given strategies to deliver us from defeat.  We are able to maneuver with procedures and diplomacy that outdo our possibility of setback.  This is not a guarantee that there won’t be intimidating alarms and obstructive challenges that litter our day.  But in the Lord we have a focus of confidence and a constant ear to guide through the obstreperous hindrances to see Christ glorified in each defying encounter.

He Gives Us Technique   neither did I turn again till they were consumed.

The Lord leads us into techniques and methods that are thorough and detailed in dealing with all hindrances and obstructions.

He Gives Us Triumph       I have wounded them that they were not

                                                        able to rise: they are fallen under my feet

Through Christ we are able to triumph over all that shoves God away so the Jesus receives the glory He deserves.

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