The Modification 1John 1:7

The Modification 1John 1:7

 The Correction

   Be Clear

      Walk In His Word               But if we walk in the light 

Touch with a desire to really live & walk in the complete exposure to You & Your truth

Walk In His Way                  as he is in the light,

Reveal the impossibility of hiding anything from You Lord.  

Guide us to admit everything to You for Your perfect forgiveness

Be Consistent

      Walk In His Will                we have fellowship

Give a shared interest with all who love Your truth and presence 

Walk In His Workings       one with another,

Allow us to trust in You to work in and through Your faithful people in our lives

Be Clean

      Our Position                      and the blood of Jesus Christ

Illuminate the power of cleansing  we have in the blood Jesus gave on the cross for us

Our Purifying                    his Son cleanses us from all sin

Remove all that is defiling, damaging and destructive from our lives 

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