Psalms 3 Where is God in our Troubles

Psalms 3 Where is God in our Troubles   

     Our Troublers

Their Increase   LORD, how are they increased that trouble me!

Their Insurrection     Many are they that rise up against me.

Their Intensification Many there be which say of my soul,

Their Insinuation       There is no help for him in God. Selah. 

Implication is a haunting painfulness when we feel an indirect suggestion has been made.  These insinuations just linger inside of us poignantly.  We don’t like to concede, but have to admit that we are sensitive to the influences of opinion.

But of all the impressions that can be spun-out in our feelings, the illusion that God doesn’t care about us is the worst.

Through God’s Word we know He cares, God is attentive to all of our needs.  He is aware and responsive to our essentials and requirements, not here and there, but always.

His communication in the details of our lives can perplex us. When we measure His approach there are puzzling times.

Our inner emotions disrupt, we feel that something has come between Him and us.  Is it some offense, some sin, a random violation or infringement that is turning God against us?  Or, is it just our own ludicrous and absurd doubts that push; thus, constantly making us seem so alone?  We get our reactions and feelings going in a certain direction and circumstance isn’t on the page we were hoping for.

This is what was unforgettable to David. Problems were pounding down on him from everywhere and his inner voice of conscience was accusing him along with the betrayal slams of others who said that God would not help him.

All of these voices were intense and insinuating with shrewd deviousness.  With cunning and guile they leave their scar and block out God’s voice like a treacherous thief robbing us of peace.

“No help in God,” the voices echo on through time. Is that possible?  Cut off from the Lord, isolated and alone in our problems; secluded in our heartaches and agonies, there is nothing worse then to give in to this feeling.

We fail ourselves. We allow our circumstances and imagined blocked doors to make us believe that our connection to God is lost, unplugged.  We dislike impairments. We chafe at injury and the harassment of weakness.  At times we feel attacked both physically and emotionally.  Who knows which attack is worse?

Pain is a lonely companion.  We can’t communicate the feeling, and the solutions that surround us are an assortment of mind blurring or feeling blocking pharmaceuticals.

One thing, or maybe it’s the only thing that needs to be foremost in our thoughts, is that we find our self in a scene where our true King is rejected.  With that accepted, we have to realize, that when the creator and genuine Master of the Universe is in exile that things are not going to function right.  We can’t give in to this sentiment of blaming God, condemning those who claim to be His people and censuring situations based on our feelings.

We have to enthrone Him in our heart and we need to renew this commitment constantly, no matter what door closes.  When we don’t yield to Jesus, we get in a jumble of confusion.  We start wondering where God is, but how can we say that doubting retaliation of where is God?  Why do we lose the simplicity of God who is always with us?  Why do we make everything so complex?

There is crisis and crunching moments, we just have to assume their likelihood; every day is potent with a watershed of unknown tragedy.  This is why new grace is needed, new mercy is required and new enthroning of our Lord in our hearts is constantly essential.

So how does Jesus personally feel about all this blame and rejection when we kick out at Him in our problems?  How can we get so easily hung-up by the spirit of our age that refuses and rejects Jesus?

He embraced inconceivably severe suffering to deal with every trouble and problem.  He designed not only the best, but also the only solution in the giving of His life for us.

We live in a world that rejects its King to the point of the hatred of crucifying Him.  Awkwardly this sentiment hasn’t improved, in fact its gotten worse.

So even though trouble surrounds us, there’s a new lens to view it through.  We must find all our solutions are in Christ, in His Word of Truth, and in claiming His promises of answered prayer.

Does that mean instantaneous answers in each dilemma?  No, we are in a war, and this battle is fought on three fronts.  A manic power called Satan, the scheme of this age and all ages, which is called this world system, and our natural inclination of willful rebellion.

In this conflict we find ourselves as often our worst enemy.  We are yielding easily to demonic suggestion and the world scheme.  We have to grow in our trust and commitment and yield to what the Lord is allowing in the tests and challenges.

Jesus is very simple with His solutions.  First the negative side is seen in Hebrews 11:6, that without faith it is impossible to please God.  If we don’t trust God, He won’t force His design on us because we are upsetting His purposes and plans.  He asks us to be confident in His Word of truth to us.  It’s unpleasant and hostile to reject what He is communicating to us.

On the positive side we are to grow in faith in God.  Proverbs 3:5 states: Trust in the Lord with all our hearts and don’t lean on our own logic.  When we trust what He says and how He is reaching out to us we can confide in Him with our feelings and expectations.

Colossians sees it this way with the simple phrase: Continue in prayer, Colossians 4:2.  John states that Jesus calls us to abide and stay close to Him, John 15, for outside of that, we can do nothing.  Nothing else works, and the sooner we come to that conclusion the better.

We have to fight rejecting God and we do that by faith, which is expressed in prayer.  We need to place Him in the center of our life continually; this is His rightful place in our lives.

We need to depend on Jesus and that dependence is fleshed out in persistent prayer, frequent prayer, recurrent prayer, which means incessant, constant and repetitive reaching out to Christ.

This is our deep necessity.  He allows the problems to press us to Him.  He’s showing us what we really need and want is in Jesus; He is where our supplies are met.

We can’t stop praying, we deeply need our Lord.  It doesn’t matter if we are attacked by those that imply that God is against us, their rejection should only drive us deeper to crowning our King again and again and finding our worth in Him.

We can’t stop praying, we can’t ever accept no as an answer, Jesus meets all our needs and He’s telling us to seek Him in the troubles.

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