3. Proverbs 1:1-6 The Personality Of Wisdom part 3 v.2

3. Proverbs 1:1-6 The Personality Of Wisdom part 3 v.2

The Aim v.2-4

To Acknowledge v.2           To know wisdom and instruction;

To Apply                                to perceive the words of understanding

To Accept v.3                       To receive the instruction of wisdom 

The Aim v.2-4

To Acknowledge v.2

Development (Skill)                                 To know Wisdom

The development of the theme of wisdom in Proverbs is a roller coaster of contrasts and paradoxical juxtapositions.  True to the fluctuations and variations of life we’re given the principles of wisdom in the labyrinth maze of the world.

The first nine chapters of Proverbs give us:

Wisdom’s Describer 1:1

Wisdom’s Definition 1:2-7

Wisdom’s Destroyer 1:8–19.

Wisdom’s Defense 1:20–33.

Wisdom’s Dignity 2:1–22.

Wisdom’s Discipline. 3:1–4:27.

Wisdom’s Direction 5:1–23.

Wisdom’s Discernment 6:1–35.

Wisdom’s Despisers 7:1–27.

Wisdom’s Defense. 8:1–36.

Wisdom’s Dinner 9:1–18.

Wisdom is skill and dexterity in technical work.  When the tabernacle was constructed the call was for individuals who God had endowed with wisdom.  The furnishings of this structure and the garments of the priests were to be mastered by individuals who were craftsmen, wise in metal work and sewing.

This structure and the furnishings are representative of Christ in all his beauty and character.  In 1Corinthians we are made aware that now we, in our inner being and personality, are the temple of God, and are to put on Christ.  This demands wisdom, skill and dexterity.

We’re to be wise craftsmen and builders, but also wise warriors.  Since what we are to construct in our building is a beautiful life of Christ living within, we have to have awareness that we live in a challenged territory called the world, which is under the dominating grip of an adversary to all life.  He stalks like a lion to devour our peace, coming to steal, kill and destroy.  All forward progression in personal construction is under constant demonic attack.  Knowing this aggravating obstacle we need to be wise combatants.

Kings and generals of Israel were to be capable warriors and strategists, accomplished in battle tactics.  We also, in maturing in Christ, must master life’s challenges, and become intuitive in problem solving, knowledgeable in battling conflict and alert to subduing confrontational tests.

This is wisdom and the skill of building a beautiful life.  Christ is the only life where we view a perfect human.  His alone is the life of peerless beauty.  He is wisdom personified and He has asked us to abide in Him and He will in us.  His Word is wisdom personalized.  His open welcome to every individual prayer is wisdom’s peace and His indwelling and filling Spirit in us, is wisdom’s power.

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