3 The Power of Joy In The Prison Of Pain in Philippians (part2)

3 The Power of Joy In The Prison Of Pain in Philippians (part2)

Joy Comes Through Our Confidence In Christ Phil. 1:1-11

     Christ’s Prerequisite Of Prayer v.3-11

Captivate Us in Prayers Privilege v.3

            Recognizing Others

               Appreciation               I thank my God

Clarify To Us Prayers Picture

            Remembering Others

               Acceptation                  upon every remembrance of you, 

There is a series of what seem contradictory phrases in 2 Cor. 6 but they really are actually not as clashing as they may seem.  Most of us idealize life.   We try to stuff our days with false fillers to evade these seeming polar opposite feelings and experiences.  The various contrasts and tugs of life are really where the balance lies.  A feeling that pulls us two different directions is disruptive to the our sense of equilibrium.  A major part of our reactions of pain and disgust come from what we view as the negative side of the pull in our being, the pain, yucky people or dysfunctional aspects of our personal environment.  Reality is this should be the things that are a trampoline to jump for joy.

The paradox of pain and joy seems as distant as the North and South Pole.  Paul states it this way:

“As sorrowful but always rejoicing.”

The Greek term for sorrowful is pain.  Paul is expressing, in the prison of pain I have the power of joy.

I Have Appreciation: I thank my God

I Have Acceptance:    upon every remembrance of you

Paul is stating: I appreciate what God is doing in you’re lives. I acknowledge what He has done. I look forward to what He is going to do.

Having gratitude for those God has brought into our life, placed in our hearts and burdened us about is both a pain and a joy.

The joy is realizing our part in others lives through prayer as we recognize that God is perfecting His life in others and ourselves through our prayer relationship with Jesus.  This gives that inner peace of Spirit lead love, joy and peace.

The pain is that our efforts can be misinterpreted.  Paul was slandered for His efforts and treated like a phony apostle.  The heartache of baseless accusation digs deep into our soul. The joy of finding our assurance of acceptance in God’s truth and our place of closeness in Christ by His Spirit replaces the feeling of insult with joy.

The pain of watching those we deeply want to see succeed and prosper, but who often do one foolish things after another, is heart rending.  But the hope of carrying each item of concern to the Lord in prayer engenders optimistic anticipation and a joyful eagerness for new possibilities with each day.

There is the pain of vicariously feeling the disappointment of those we love.  We grieve for those we long after.  We pray and we try to empathize in their distresses and dissatisfactions.  Again, in this pain, we have the joy of rolling it on to the Lord in grateful praise, asking for His touch of healing and renewing.

Paul felt the pain of His nation who had preferred blindness, favored being deceived and having a hard heart to being soft to Jesus.

He Had Pain Rom. 9:2 I have a great heaviness and continual  

                                               sorrow in my heart for my nation. 

He Had Joy Rom. 9:27 but a remnant will be saved 

It is difficult to comprehend the free choices of our self and others, and the freedom to make bad decisions.  This can be a source of imprisoning pain.  Our liberty and joy is in the Lord of All, our sovereign all powerful God.  He does everything perfect and patiently restores the years that the locust have devoured.  God gives beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for sorrow and grief, as we turn it all over to His creative power.


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