The name John means the grace of God in Hebrew.

THE MEETINGS         to the seven churches, which are in Asia

Numbers, in symbolic patterns, are a special part of Revelation. There is a repetitive significance to the number seven.  The menacing number six is the ominous mark of the beast.  The combination “666” falls infinitely short of seven.

Many see seven as the perfect number.  It is used fifty-four times in Revelation. There are the seven churches, seven spirits, seven candlesticks, seven stars, seven lamps, seven seals, seven horns, seven eyes, seven angels, seven trumpets, seven thunders, seven heads, seven crowns, and other groupings of seven. Symbolically, the number seven stands for what is comprehensive and complete.

THE MEANS   Grace be unto you, and peace,

I had job where I flew weekly on a variety of Airlines.  I would drive new Paccar trucks to various places in the U S and Canada and then fly back home.  It was extra special to be moved to first class on a flight and get a meal and unlimited beverages instead of flying coach and getting a hand full of pretzels and peanuts.  It’s grace to be chosen to fly first class.  Actually it’s grace to have any privileges.  It’s infinite grace to be placed in Christ.

Grace is the undeserved and unearned favor of God.  Grace is also God’s gift of strength and ability that we need to live the Christian life each day.  What we deserve is extremely less then first class.  Peace is the results of growing in grace.  The greater our understanding of grace the deeper our peace.  It is through maturing in grace and peace that we are able to handle rejection, disappointment and trials.

I read a story about a man who became an instant multi-millionaire because natural gas was discovered on his property.  He told a pastor that even though he’d been giving 10 percent in the past, of his income, that he couldn’t increase his giving much, because he didn’t know how stable this new wealth would be.  He knew everyone at church was enthused that he had prospered, but he did not want new expectations put upon him.  The pastor said he would pray that his income would decrease so he would feel more stability.

We’ve been given every blessing in Jesus Christ and it’s tragic not to bless each other.  We’ve been forgiven for everything in Jesus. We have grace upon grace from the fullness of God, and it’s a disaster not to treat each other to our riches.  To be unforgiving and unmerciful or to be difficult and demanding cuts others off from all the good we’ve received.  We’re not only to receive God’s blessings of grace and peace but also to be channels of His kindness and forgiveness to others.


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