Bend down to me I’m shabby, I’m feeble, I feel threadbare and frail. Please hear my weak sighs. I ask for Your rescue from this prison of exposure and vulnerability. I need You to stoop over me and place Your healing touch on my hurts and wounds.

Deliver me in Your righteousness,

George Mueller used arguments in pleading his case before God. He would remind the Lord that the orphan in his care were not his orphans, they were God’s. He quarreled that God is the Father of the fatherless? It was God’s work, not Mueller’s. He contended that God was bound by His promises to care for them.  Could God suffer His glory to be diminished? Could God appear ugly and not beautiful in His handling of those He was obligated to care for?  What would people think and feel about God if He didn’t act?  Isn’t God’s responsibility to silence the sneering ridicule of doubters?  If He doesn’t intervene with help how can the scoffer and the skeptic be quashed?

Abraham prayed overwhelming appeals, plea after plea.  Shall not the judge of all the earth do right. 

We can cast everything on God.  He pleads with us to entrust Him with every concern, every feeling, every distress and each ache and pain of our heart and body.  We can lament and howl out our innermost being to our God to deliver us in His righteousness.  The Judge of the earth will do right for us.  In all our afflictions He is afflicted.  All our difficulties, our disorders and our diseases touch His tender heart and He will fulfill all His promises to us.


      HIS PATH OF ESCAPE      and cause me to escape:

      HIS PERCEPTIVE EAR     incline Your ear unto me,

      HIS PLANNED EVASION and save me.

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