THE MAN part 1 UNREVEALED Rev. 1:13

THE MAN part 1 UNREVEALED Rev. 1:13                              

HIS PREEMINENCE   And in the midst of the seven candlesticks

HIS PERSONALITY     one like unto a Son of man,

There is only one solution to adversity and trouble? If we’ve corrupted and confused our most important relationship, we need someone who can enter into our loss. We need someone who can associate with us where we are. We need an ally. We need a connection and a close acquaintance.   We need a relationship with someone who has understanding, familiarity and awareness. We need a person with a genuine personality. We need one like unto a Son of man

Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III, better known as Aloe Blacc sings the song, “I’m the man.” It is a catchy lyric (extremely repetitive) but Aloe, even though he’s a captivating tune writer, is not “the man.” He is a man but not “the man.”

When I listen to the song I get caught in up with the beat, and the fantasy, that maybe I could be “the man” in a few lives. But then memories slap me in the face and time has dashed by. My opportunities appear to have evaporated. I realize, I’m not “the man,” but then, neither are you. We may be able to claim to excel in particular masculine or feminine things, but that doesn’t make us “the man.”

Jesus is the real man, “the Son of Man,” This is Jesus preferred title that He used to introduce Himself to others. Of all the self-introductions “the Son of Man,” as an intro, appears ambiguous, vague and an almost confusing I.D. Jesus presents Himself in this way over 80 times. He uses this title more then any other. It is His favorite.

The Lord Jesus has various Son-ship titles; He is the Son of God, signifying His deity; the Son of Man, suggesting His humanity; He is the Son of Mary, showing His Nationality; the Son of David, identifying His Messianic royalty; the Son of Adam, referring to Him as the promised seed; and the Son of Abraham, emphasizing His redemptive work in fulfilling the covenant to Abraham.

“The Son of Man,” is actually a bold title. This designation links Him with the deepest scope of relationship to all humanity. This name on the surface is a description of Jesus as a human. He is a man in perfect identity. But what does that mean, to have an identity that is impeccable? We’re a fantastic contrast in our broken defective lives. We, in various degrees, are flawed, incomplete and display a high level of damage. We are needy. Sure we have an assortment of veneers to present our wholeness. But we are still extremely scrappy and fragmented.

There are many facets to intimacy with Jesus in our everyday lives. And it is more then just occasional junctures in our lives where we need His closeness. It’s one thing to say I had a good time with the Lord this morning. But what would be inconsistent about having a good time with Jesus all day? We can sing that He is tenderly close at every moment. We claim that He’s dependable in every aspect and circumstance of our lives. But do we really sense Him in that way?

I don’t claim to have ratcheted up my inner person to the point of sensing Jesus at every moment. I don’t even want to claim that I had a good time with Him at a given point. I have detected Him in my life and my discovery about “the Son of Man, Christ Jesus” is I need Him every moment. I need to depend on Him, relax in His love and adore His greatness and intimacy. He is “the Man.”


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