AROUSE TO ACTIVITY  Lift up thyself,

ADDRESS TO ACTION  thou judge of the earth:

APPLY TO ACCOUNT    render a reward to the proud.

Things that are proportional, or of comparative value, wow, can they add up? Lets say, they are relational, and add to each other sensibly. When you have inequity although, there’s aggravating bias, disproportion, discrimination and it’s all tweaked out of balance. We can feel this disparity on the inside. Our souls, our feelings and desires, say one thing and our mind, heart and spirit state another. We see it on the outside where abuses abound in gargantuan, unnerving, regularity. We see adjustments to normality changing at sonic speed and mind-boggling frequency. Confusion stalks our cities, deception runs rampant in our culture, and delusion crashes into our families then dishonesty, cheating and pretension are commonplace in our lives and close relationships. We languish for the one who is pure, faultless and impeccable. We ache for one who is sinless and undefiled. We are in need of a priest to represent us, cleanse us, change us, and live in us.

Heb 7:26 For such an high priest became us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens;

He became us, sin apart. He bore our sin on the cross. Now he’s taking our hearts out of the present world to the scene where He is. He can take us where sin is not. We are in Christ; our life is hid with Christ in God. He has lifted himself up; Sin, and death are swallowed up. He yelled for all eternity to Hear, “It is finished” and we are raised with him. The veil is rent, sin is put away and Christ is higher then the heavens, constantly making intercession for us, relentlessly advocating for us.

If any man sin we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the

Righteous. 1John 2:1

His activity has been aroused and he will not sleep or Slumber.

Ps 121:3 He will not suffer our foot to be moved: He that keeps us will not slumber.

He is coming back, he is the judge of the earth with a infinite jurisdiction over every person. As King of Kings and Lord of Lords He will return with a sword in his mouth to tread out the winepress of God’s Almighty wrath. Now is the time to hide ourselves in Him, to accept, and be found in the one who is pure, faultless and impeccable. The one who is sinless, undefiled, and has given His life for us, a priest to represent us, cleanse us, change us, and live in us. We need his righteousness applied to our account, we have to have it. The alternative is devastating, dreadful, and destructively damning. Why would we want to face an eternity, striped and exposed to the Christ rejecting reward of the proud?



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