Incline Your ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.

Is asking God to cut us some slack in the timing issue a signal of impatience? Why do we start feeling edgy and intolerant when impending loss is imminent? Why does stress and exasperation gurgle inside of us with unnerving surges?

The pointed direction is: Redeem the time, because the days are evil.

Now that’s a novel concept. How do we add that to our shopping list? How do we buy time?

the king answered and said, I know of a certainty that you would gain the time, because you see the thing is gone from me. Dan 2:18

The magicians we’re stalling because they didn’t have an answer for the king and they didn’t know how to solve his dream mystery. They we stalling for time. Daniel comes along and seizes the moment, (Redeems the time) He squeezed everything possible out of the opportunity. He makes this acquisition by crying out to the Lord. It is a simple request. He asks for insight for the situation. He is given the insight. In addition he gains a miraculous promotion and a timeless blessing. This is all accomplished by buying up the opportunity. God gives exceedingly, abundantly, and above all that we ask or think.

The alert is:

Awake you that sleep & arise from the dead & Christ will give you light. Eph.5:14

We can live like we’re dead to the spirit sphere. We can bang through life unaware of the light He has for us. We can just be in a fog, missing the spiritual options in each situation. The answers are obtainable; we have to buy up the opportunities, to get at them. Prayer really isn’t that baffling. I confess I miss great bargains constantly. We have to be aggressively opportunistic. The prayer method is a simple one-word phrase. No lengthy piece of poetry really. We just need to say “HELP!” The privileges are present and now. God’s prospects surround us.

See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise Eph. 5:15

Circumspectly, we don’t hear that everyday. We are to be attentive. Awake to where we are and where we place each step. We have to get alert and aware, conscientious to how we use each moment. It is being meticulous, painstaking and careful with our time.

Incline Your ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily. 

Or in other words pleading with God to please help, please open our eyes, I’m dumb, so please hold my hand. I’m weak so please hold me up.

We are asking God to hear us and run toward us in our every need. He is asking the same of us. He is prompting us by the alarm clock of jarring circumstances. He is telling us to wake up and rise to Him by asking Him and keep on asking Him over and over.

Prayer is the time exposure of our soul to God. This is the process of the image of God being formed on our soul through the proper use of time. We need to redeem the time. We are living in an age of instantaneous digital photography. We have lost the former process of photography. We need time in the dark room. Time for exposure to various solutions is essential. The digital process of the instantaneous is not adaptable to spiritual exposure.

We can end up with a hazy image of our eternal and infinite God. Our picture can end up poor because our negative is weak. The negatives need the time in the dark room and His likeness will come in the light. We have to give God time to achieve a proper likeness, to be changed into the same image from glory to glory. A fool has been described as one who has lost the proportion of things. We get captivated by the secondary and lose sight of the primary.

The present time can be one of difficulty. But the application of the truth to all the circumstances that appear to be obstacles in the way is the only way we will redeem the opportunity. We must buy every opportunity for God. He gives us the purchase power in prayer. This is how we get the right focus.




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