A Storm of Tests

It shall turn to you for a testimony

Luke 21:13

This phrase is taken from the context of the end times. Everything is falling apart.

We no longer have a stable environment.

It’s a time in history when the social foundations are shifting radically

There’s insecurity everywhere. You’ll be hunted down,

You’ll be dragged to court. Some will even be imprisoned

It will go from bad to worse, dog-eat-dog, everyone at your throat because we stand for Jesus name.

We’ll end up on the witness stand, called to testify.

Our Lord says not to worry about it.

Jesus says He’ll give us the words & the wisdom that will reduce all our accusers to stammers and stutters.

It will be a time when loyalties among relatives won’t exit anymore.

Even possibly our parents, brothers, relatives & friends will turn against us

Luke 21:12-19 Paraphrased

The word testimony is from the word test

I took some old teeth & broken artifacts into a jeweler for a test one time.

It was placed in a dish and a trial or examination of burning by acids were applied to test & examine the value of the metal.

Is it gold? The chemical test examines if it’s 12 karat or 18 karat or just gold plated. What is the value & character of the metal. What kind of testimony does it have.

This test tells you the correctness or phoniness of the item.

A trial proves if it’s fake & counterfeit or genuine & real

Our lives are full of trials & tests. Without tests we have a shallow testimony.

Life is a steep climb & we need help & encouragers on the high hills & ups & downs we face.

We were down in Seattle at the courthouse yesterday.

We had a variety of tests.

The traffic is a test.

The parking is a test.

The time sensitive scheduling is a test.

You go through a metal detector test.

But for us, the big test is the steep hills & uneven terrain. Navigating with a wheelchair is terrifying on a steep hill.

Jill has lost 50% of her eyesight so the fear while I’m securing her movements on a rough hill, as we dodge the homeless lends to a testy challenge.

We are all climbers together, and we need to help one another. It takes strength & steady steps to find the best route.

It’s hard to give an assuring testimony to Jill in the wheelchair hill navigation tests. As if I’m convinced of the outcome.

We got halfway down the hill & the terror of the incline caused Jill to cry & beg that I’d leave her there & go get the car.

But there we’re various homeless men relieving themselves in the alley. There was no place to park & the street was a one way heading the wrong direction.

The parking garage I was in was on the 5th floor. So if I left her there it may take 15-20 min. to return. I’d just watched an aid car scoop up an individual that was unconscious about a block before we got to our present spot.

So we call out to God. We cry for help in our storm of tests;

when the heavens thunder

and the earthquake shook the hill

Jesus bore us up & held us

In these dangers on this hill

To see Jesus face in this time;

We read He glows with triumph,

and His feet run in the race;

In these dangers on this hill

But there are mists between us

and our spirit eyes are dim,

We can’t see His glory,

And we long for words from Him.

But if we feel He’s heard us

when our prayer is in our cries

Do we feel He sees us

through the terrorizing sin-darkened hills

i could have gone a ahead,

but I couldn’t leave Jill there

We moved ahead into the test

As Our faithful Lord Jesus led

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