Don’t Be Deceived

Do not be so deceived & misled!

Evil companionships

bad company &

weird associates

corrupt & deprave

good manners &

defile & destroy

good morals &

ruin & wreck good characteristics

1 Cor. 15:33 Amp.

Defining evil is not that difficult

Even in the shifting boundaries of our age.

We’re surrounded by corrupting influences &

there’s a flooding storm of depraving rot

It pollutes our attitudes,

soils our feelings,

twists our moral decisions, &

corrupts our ethical conclusions.

Paul noted:

I fought the wild beasts at Ephesus,

I thought it wouldn’t be the end of me!

Not on your life!

Christ’s resurrection life, yes, His resurrection,

undergirds what I do & say,

His life within is the way I live.

But don’t fool yourselves.

Don’t let yourselves be poisoned by

this anti-resurrection crowd of dead beat filth spreaders

One rotten apple

One moldy orange

Can ruin the whole bag of fruit

Stay away from trash & rot

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