More Than Conquerors

In all these things we are more than conquerors

through Him that loves us

Rom, 8:37

God ways through Christ are so great

that we can take the very enemies that fights us &

the forces that are arrayed against us & make them steps up to the very gates of heaven & into the presence of God

Like the eagle, who sits on a crag & watches the sky

as it is filling with blackness

The Raptor watches

as the forked lightnings are playing up & down &

he is sitting perfectly still,

He majestically turns one eye & then the other toward the storm.

But he never moves until he begins to feel

the burst of the breeze & knows that the hurricane

has struck him;

Then, with a scream, he swings his breast to the storm,

He uses the storm to go up to the sky; away he goes,

borne upward on it.

This is God way for every one of us,

to be more than conqueror,

turning the storm-cloud into a chariot.

There are spoils to be taken!

Defeat is not an option.

When we go into that terrible valley of suffering

we are to come out of it with spoils.

When injury strikes we can fear that everything is gone.

But no, we’re to trust in God that we come out

richer than we went in.

To be more than conqueror is to take the spoils

from the enemy & appropriate them to ourselves.

Where our enemy arranges for our overthrow,

take & appropriate that for ourselves.

When Dr. Moon, of Brighton, England, was stricken with blindness, he said: ”

Lord, I accept this talent of blindness from You.

Help me to use it for Your glory that at Your coming

You may receive Your own with usury.

Then God enabled him to invent the Moon Alphabet

for the blind, by which thousands of blind people were enabled to read the Word of God & many of them were gloriously saved. —Selected.

God did not take away Paul’s thorn;

He did better –

He mastered that, thorn & made it Paul’s servant.

The ministry of thorns has often been

a greater ministry to man

than the ministry of thrones.


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