O Christ You’re All in Allo


Oh CHRIST! there is no greater fame than Yours,

Which history’s pages have engraved in gold;

No record of great deeds could ever outshine

The princely labors of Your love untold.

Oh CHRIST! there is no sweeter theme than Yours,

That heralds to a restless world God’s peace;

No truth nor tidings ever did enshrine

So grand a message of such full release.

Oh CHRIST! there is no dearer name than Yours,

Which time has blazoned on its mighty scroll;

No wreath or garland ever did entwine

So fair a temple of so vast a soul.

Oh CHRIST! there is no stronger love than Yours,

More strong than death & mightier than the grave;

That triumphed over sin with grace divine

And brought to man God’s matchless power to save.

Oh CHRIST! there is no brighter home than Your,

Which bids us welcome to its mansions fair;

Amid the treasures that are superfine

We share the glories with Thyself, the Heir.

Oh CHRIST! there is no wiser plan than Yours,

Founding a kingdom none can undermine

Your very self, the chief foundation stone;

With fadeless glory that is all Your own.

Oh CHRIST! there is no higher throne than Yours,

Replete in holiness of truth subline;

Where beauty, purity & love combine

In perfect righteousness, with joy divine.

Charles J. Rolls

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