We bow to Jesus

God, You rule in heaven’s court;

Yours is the authority over every authority.

We don’t want to stumble in our lives

So we fall in dependence before You

How You must grieve at our bigotry,

our petty squabbles,

our failure to defend the weak & fatherless,

our attitude toward the poor & oppressed,

our failure to rescue the weak & the needy

Please let us untwist those that are tangled up & oppressed

We stumble around

We get it wrong most of the time.

You designed us weaker then angels

But lifted us above them

You’ve exalted us into Your the palace of Your presence

You’ve given us honor & privilege,

Let us live these privileges out

Let us practice our position

Not everyone gets to stand in front of a King

Not everyone is invited to talk Your ears off

Loosen our tongues

Swell our hearts with Your words

Flood us with Your feelings

Forgive us,

Raise us up

Lead us

Teach us

And change us!

Ps. 82 paraphrased

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