Lament the pouring out of our souls

Lament is the act of pouring out our soul.

The Scripture is bursting in lament.

We hear the roaring of lament in the Psalms, in Jobs book,

in Lamentations & much of the literature composed by the Prophets.

Lament is thoughtfully crafted,

Lament is brutally honest speech

Lament can be accusatory,

Lament may appear to be self-serving,

Others may think we are bordering on anger

when our grief pours out in lament…

But lament is pain-drenched thoughts & emotions

that fester in the deepest recesses of our soul

Often lament is challenging God.

We feel He hasn’t come through for us in

the way we believe He is supposed to.

At times lament is challenging others

for their superficial responses,

for their lame excuses or

for their hypocritical Superficiality and

for their backstabbing betrayals

Lament is unmistakably discordant & rife with tension.

Lament holds nothing back,

Lament expends itself fully so nothing

that must be said remains unsaid.

At other times lament is silent with others knowing

their scheming conspiracies & empty apostasies

Lament is casting our full selves on the fathomless mercy

of God in prayer,

Lament depends on the reality that only Gods mercy is big enough to bear witness to our bitter accusations knowing our Lord receives our lament & lets us live.

God is holy, make no mistake about it & lament supremely honors this truth,

Lament points out with equal candor to the reality that as human beings, we arrive at God’s throne broken & sinful

Yet we come in this scandal that surrounds us with hearts swollen & bursting in lament!

And what we find is the lover of our souls who passionately wants us & welcomes us with arms wide open to our angst

and lament.

Adapted from The Travelogue Of The Interior

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