Hinderances & Obstacles

There are multiple hindrance that are stacked & brimming with negatives

against God in this world—

There’s our sin.

There’s our weaknesses

There’s are flaws & failures

There’s the world’s brokenness,

There’s every evil power—

But none of this can stop the incredible force of God’s love from advancing

in our lives & to others lives everywhere in this world.

God will be honored all over the world.

He guarantees that there are people that worship Him all over the world,

He will always be honored & He will always have faithful ones bringing

their best to Him.

God is great

God’s name “will be great among the nations”—

And it’s not because he removes all the hindrances

we can see hindrances everywhere & from those

we didn’t expect would attack us,

There’s not a single obstacle strong enough though to impede Gods purposes

There’s not a single hindrance that can interfere with Gods design

Others are always watching us

They watch when we’re having hard times,

They watch when we’re beaten up by life experiences

They keep track of our imperfections & shortcomings

Paul was jailed, he was beat up by mobs; he worked hard, he worked late,

But in all the hindrances the apostles went through

God showed His power in the hindrances & the frustrations

We know we’re doing something right when we’re blamed & slandered,

We can be distrusted;

We can be ignored

But this is not a hindrance to Gods power.

We actually, through these odd rejections,

are being recognized by God;

Just because we stumble or blunder does not mean our motives & intent

can’t be brought to God in prayer to work greatly through our brokenness

These weird tests, if we turn to our Father, can be indicators

that we’re terrifically alive in Christ as our all,

We can feel our sorrow, yet be filled with Jesus deep joy;

We don’t get wiped out by roadblocks,

We don’t stay in the dumps in the face of human barricades & caustic ridicule.

We can feel broken in our lives. But the reality is this can open us up to

live an exchanged life into Gods powerful life giving miracles

through our dependent prayer.

David’s final prayer was

Let the whole earth be filled with His glory; Amen & Amen Psalm 72:19

Then David wrote

The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended.

This is all we want. This is our greatest end. Gods glory. Not our will but His will.

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