Prayer is the child’s request,

Our is not empty sounds wafting into nowhere

but our prayer is to our Father

Prayer is the outstretched arms of the child for the Father’s help.

Prayer is the child’s cry calling to our Father’s ear & our Father’s heart,

Prayer is made to our Father’s ability,

Every one of our prayers our Father hears,

Every one of our prayers our Father feels,

Every one of our prayers brings relief from our Father.

“Prayer is a solemn service to God

Prayer is adoration, prayer is worship, prayer is our approach to God for some request

Prayer is the presenting of some desire, prayer is the expression of some need to Him

Prayer is recognition that only God supplies all our needs,

Prayer is recognition that it’s only God who satisfies all our desires

Prayer is recognition that as a Father, He finds His greatest pleasure in relieving

the wants & granting the desires of His children”

E M Bounds

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