Christ is amazing

“The Holy Spirit will only bless in conformity with Jesus own set purpose.

Our Lord explains what that purpose is: ‘He shall glorify Me.’

He has come forth for this grand end & He will not put up with anything short of it.

If then, we do not preach Christ, what is the Spirit to do with our preaching?

If we do reveal how the Lord Jesus is glorious;

if we do not lift Christ high in the esteem of men,

if we do not labor to make Him King of kings & Lord of lords;

we shall not have the Spirit with us.

Vain will be rhetoric,

Vain will be music,

Vain will be architecture,

Vain will be energy,

Vain will be social status:

if our own design be not to magnify the Lord Jesus, we shall work alone & in vain”


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