We’re beggars

There is no fiery furnace!

There is no stormy sea!

There is no impossible situation!

Where God can not rescue us from it all

It is God & God only that can give the grace

to walk on, or walk through a gross & impossible


We learn from prayer our unworthiness

It’s disturbing how independent we are! It’s shocking!

We’re proud, we’re haughty,

we’re snarky & we think

we got it handled.

We need God to constrain us to pray.

We need Him to put us up against raw impossibilities.

Gods mercies aren’t cheap.

His responses aren’t automatic.

We are poor.

We are beggars.

So what do poor beggars do?

They beg! They cry out!

We vocalize our lacks.

We can’t be shy about inventorying our needs,

Lets get at it!

Why not catalog all our necessities,

Lets expose every wound,

Go ahead & let’s reveal our true insufficiency & inadequacy.

Fill out every imaginable application for Gods

unfathomable wealth,

Don’t hide anything!

Just admit how humanly

empty & totally bankrupt we really are!

We may think we have it together!

We make think we have a plan.

Actually we’re a vacuum.

We can’t deny it!

We’re destitute!

We’re actually dependent for each breath we breathe.

We can’t make another step without the Lord

We need Him for everything.

We can’t make It another moment

without His grace & mercy.

Why not admit it every moment?

Why not be poor in self & rich in Jesus?

It is through our personal weaknesses we’re

made strong in God’s Spirit of prayer!

We don’t really have any dependable resources.

Its by praying to Jesus that we’re able to do the smallest things.

Its by coming to Jesus that we admit our needs.

Its by praying to Jesus that we’re made mighty through

God to do great exploits.

It’s by prayer that we attempt to describe Jesus & His incredible worth

It’s by prayer that we adore our God. Isn’t He worthy of our veneration!

This is where we need to be

humble creatures in the very dust

loving on God for His indescribable, inexpressible wonders!!!

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