Every life is an image bearer of God

Where’s the greatest beauty?
Is it in the mountains?
Is it in the forest?
Is it in the seclusion of less humanity?
Is it in the solitude of isolation?

It’s in the masses!
It’s in the crowds of humanity
It’s in the heavy population explosion
It’s in letting every new life be born
It’s in the burgeoning press of the cities

Every life is an image bearer of God

Where there’s more image of God
There’s more beauty

God is the source of all beauty

His design is to make us into His image

His delight is to take
our individually unique personalities
And fill us with the beauty of Himself

The most densely populated places
are the places of fathomless beauty

So How do we define beauty?

It’s where God is seen most
He loves cities.

Do we love cities?
Humanity is the potential sea of His beauty,

real beauty is where God
Fills each life with Himself

Let Him cover the sea of faces
with His glorious design of Christ within

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