I stretch myself out. I sleep.
Then I’m up again—rested, tall & steady,
Fearless before the enemy mobs Coming at me from all sides…
Real help comes from God . Your blessing clothes your people!

Psalm 3:5-8 msg

So what is our story?
How are we living our life?
What is our aim?
Are we headed to a finish that is worth both dying for & living for?

If we live our life for us alone, then our story is as dull as our self-absorption,
even if we have survived amazing adventures.

But if we live our life for Someone more important than ourselves and if
We have sacrificed, nobly risked, been humbled, learned, grown & given,
then our life is headed toward a glorious ending.
Jesus is the greatest warrior & His life, death & resurrection are the most
Glorious of all lives lived.
Living for Jesus & trusting in Him is a fight worth fighting
He clothes us with His blessing.
We humble ourselves to Him that He my exalt us in His time.

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