Don’t get in an emotional stew

Dont Fret!

Don’t get in a emotional stew over stuff!

Don’t bother your head with the brash claims of the arrogant
Don’t let that twist reality into factious nonsense bug you

They spring up & then they’ll shrivel like grass & weeds
Their dramatic spin is fickle & fading
They’ll wilt in the hot sun with no water

The best insurance is GOD’s assurance
So we put our trust in You, Lord God;
grant us the grace to do just that,
to live a quiet and secure life resting in You.

Keep company with You GOD,
You’re the best.
You are our delight;
Help our heart’s from breaking:
Give us Your refreshing energy,
Give us Your stable endorsements,
Fill our senses with Your positive endorphins,
Make us & our loved ones rejoice in each other

Open Yourself to our hearts O GOD, keep nothing back;
do whatever needs to be done:

We quiet ourselves before You,
We wait with longing for You.
Save us from being sidetracked by critics
Deliver us from spending our mental & spiritual energy
on the stubborn & clueless.

Save us from anger, resentment & bitterness.
Help us to keep our cool,
We know its can do no good to cater to those who are never satisfied.
Our hope is in You, Lord, not in the fickle approval of others.

We know our Enemies plot against us
and lately they’ve taken more than a few shots at bashing us,
but you are not surprised by their attacks,
You’ve monitored every ugly, deriding sneer

Please validate our life & give us Your credit in the sewers of their defamation
They discredit. They denigrate. They smear us in insane shamelessness
We ask, we cry, put Your stamp of approval on us.

Quiet down before GOD, be prayerful to him.

Don’t bother with those who climb the ladder of
the politics of deception to elbow their way to the top.

Psalm 37:1-8 paraphrase

It’s a challenge to keep from getting all blistered up when the blazing heat is scorching in.

But Even though we feel weak & surrounded by the tyranny of truth twisters.

We have to Keep cool!
Even in the face of constant aggravations,
Internal agitation is self-destructive.
Worry destroys from within and saps our energy.
Who needs unnecessary friction?

We need a fresh oil change. We need the soothing anointing of God’s comforting Spirit
When our moving parts get heated; old lubricant hinders dry surfaces that grind together.
We need to be kept in smooth operation by a delicate cushion of fresh oil of God’s truth.

The word “fret” is related to the word “friction”

Fearful worry is an indication that we’re in need of the refreshing oil of the grace of God.
We need new applications at every turn.

In fretfulness, a little bit of grit gets into our bearings by

Some disappointment,
Some ingratitude,
Some nasty verbal jab
Some jagged suggestion

This makes the smooth working of our life raw & heated under wearing stress.

We need to allow the oil of the Lord to keep us cool
His Word and His Spirit need to coat us inside & out

God has infinite ways through His love to heal our inner being;
We need to keep trusting.
He will reveal His comforts.
He always does.

He will show us His own smile,
His love corrects every wrong in His own timing.
His perfect hands will smooth every sorrow

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