He sees us & feels us

All things are naked & open before God’s eyes
with whom we have to do;
even the thoughts & intents of our hearts

Heb. 4:13

The Lord is always looking
He sees everything
He cares for those who trust in Him.
This us our incomparable privilege to be always under our Father’s eye,
We’re never out of sight of our best Friend.
He gazes over us. He perceives each thought, feeling & action.
He notes every detail & declares the end from the beginning for each of us

As one has written:
He sees—Ranging from the frozen pole to the scorching equator,
He sees—dwellings in hills & valleys, in huts & palaces,
His divine eye regard all the members of the family of man.

Our Lord is represented as dwelling above & looking down below;
seeing all things,
but specifically observing & caring for those who trust in Him.

GOD doesn’t miss a thing— he’s alert to good & evil alike. Prov 15:3

Even hell holds no secrets from GOD—He read each human heart Pr. 15:3

Our hearts are desperately deceitful,
a puzzle that humans can figure out.
We’re anomaly’s of aberrant behaviors
Our idiosyncrasies & incongruities are bungled it irregularities of inconsistencies
But I, GOD, searches our heart
Our Lord examine our mind
God’s Spirit probes to the heart core of each delicate aspect of our inner workings.
He alone gets to the root of all things in us.
He treats us as we really are, not as we pretend to be. Jer. 17:9-10 paraphrased

He reveals Himself
As our God near at hand
He’s all around us. He’s eyeball to eyeball.
He penetrates everything with His gaze
No one hides out in a corner where they can’t be seen
For He is present everywhere Jer. 23:24


A W Tozer wrote-

God knows instantly & effortlessly all matter & all matters,
God knows all mind & every mind, all spirit & all spirits, all being & every being,
God knows all creaturehood & all creatures, every plurality & all pluralities,
God knows all law & every law, all relations, all causes, all thoughts, all mysteries,
all enigmas, all feeling, all desires, every unuttered secret, all thrones
all dominions, all personalities, all things visible & invisible in heaven & in earth,
all motion, space, time, life, death, good, evil, heaven & hell are throughout
Known of our God

Friberg writes-

We’re Stark naked! Stripped down! Without clothing! We can hide from others.
We can even do a good job of hiding from ourselves. But we can’t hide from
the One before Whom all hearts are open & all desires known?
We cannot — We can’t conceal ourselves from God.
We’re stripped naked before Him,
There’s nothing to hide in. There’s nothing to hide behind.

To be naked & to be open before God’s eyes

Is the word “Laid bare” (trachelizo from trachelos = neck)
It means to bend back the neck as the surgeon does for operating,
as when an anesthesiologist inserts a tube that he might be able to see the vocal cords intubating life giving oxygen thru our airway!

Figuratively Trachelizo describes the bending back of the neck of an animal to be slaughtered for an offering in order to expose the throat.

It may refer to the wrestler’s art of seizing one by the throat, rendering him limp and powerless.

Wuest writes that trachelizo “means “to seize & twist the neck or throat.”
It was used of combatants who handled their antagonists in that way.
It meant also “to bend back the neck of the victim to be slain,
to lay bare or expose by bending back.”

But to have our Lords penetrating discernment that is able to search
the inmost depths of our soul.

We realize as He gazes in all His searching, all His revealing & all His infallible
piercing clarity that His eyes are the eyes that filled with tears at the tomb of
Lazarus Jn 11:35

Jesus in deep sympathy walked twenty miles to Bethany, where Lazarus’s desolate,
grieving sisters were. This was just moments before Jesus would be stretched out
and hammered to a cross. But His heart is not bursting in sorrow for Himself but He’s
Swollen in His soul for us. His tears run down His cheeks & His voice is choked
with emotions over every sorrow we have.

He insert Himself vicariously right into our sorrows & He takes the burden deeply
into His own heart.

In all our afflictions He us afflicted.

Yes! Our Lord sees everything! Yes He intrinsically knows us microscopically!

And His love is the deepest love as He, with moistened eyes, moves His powerful
arm to burst open our tomb & bring our dead Lazarus hearts to life in HIM

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