Constant Conspiracies

The current conspiracy theory,
the sky-is-falling conjecture,
It’s our outrage culture,

It can’t be reconciled with what God says about
Him being in control.

We ought to be the last to succumb to a doom & gloom, hopelessness perspective.

It is sad to see this thriving
All these collusion schemes

All these political jockeys who bring a badgering bane,
of constant fear mongering.

Our problem are exacerbated by our minute-by-minute social media shock trumpeting.

The prophets of outrage, despair & treason
They’re burping their position
as if they’re courageous truth-tellers.
It’s a wear on our emotional state

Don’t be fooled: by the outrage industry
This is more about building donor lists than it is about truth.

To ever imagine Paul advertising that he only built tents for those that agreed with his political position is idiotic.

The self-righteous bigotry that is claiming a separatist escapism is anti-grace and anti-Christ.

This vapid raging, misses the amazing life of
“to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

Paul had an effective voice in Nero’s court while being chained to Roman guards.

Jesus set His face as a flint to go to Jerusalem.

Nothing that is taking place in our world is a surprise to God.

We can turn on the news & hear how the we are surrounded by an enemy camp.

But Politics is not the Devil of all Devils.
Let the dead bury the dead!

Our real enemy is a lack of faith
Our aggravations come from a weak prayer-less paralysis.

If the gates of hell are not going to prevail,
then possibly, we are missing,
that the joy of the Lord is our strength.
And, that truth sets free!


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