God is strong

We need to be strong in His powerful enabling.

We have to use everything the Lord has provided,

Supernatural weapons.

We have to put them to use

This is how we stand against Satanic obstructionists

This is a constant battle

This is for keeps, a life-or-death fight

We’re fighting against the Devil

We’re fighting his angels

We’re fighting his countless legions of fallen spirits

We need to be prepared & alert.

We’re up against far more than we can handle on our own.

We need God’s continual intervention

We need every weapon God has provided for us,

We can only stand in His strength

We can only get stability in His Words of Truth,

We need the grace of Jesus Righteousness inside & out,

We need the assuring calm of His Spirit of Peace,

Our faith finds its stability in God’s Faithfulness

Our Saviour is our salvation & His deliverance is inexplicable

We need Jesus in every circumstance & situation

God’s Word is our indispensable weapon.

Every Word & phrase should be poured over constantly

Prayer to Jesus is essential in our day by day battle.

Enlighten us Lord in how Prayer isn’t the least we can do,

But it’s the most we can do.

Elevate us to the reality that Prayer is supernatural.

Show how praying is reaching out of our visible world
into the unseen invisible world that surrounds us,

Prayer is tapping into powers beyond our physical dimension

Praying is picking fights with demons

Praying is empowering righteous angels to win our fights.

Our struggle is not against physical flesh & blood,

We clash against demon possessed rulers,

We’re up against devious authorities

Demons & servants of demons control by deception,

We are attacked & surrounded by the powers of this dark scheming world

These evil spiritual forces appear to control every system in our environment

Lord Jesus please

We beg You

Instill in us the fact that Praying for Your interventions

is never secondary, but always our primary weapon.

Prayer is not our last recourse, when options run out;

Prayer is our first & best recourse.

Grip us with the priority of praying

Impact us with the centrality of prayer work

Inspire us in talking to You Lord about everything

Show us how a living encounter with You opens the door to the influences of Your glorious victory

Shock us with the reality that where there is no prayer, There is no power.

Keep us Praying for everyone & everything

Mack us alert & aware.

We need Your spiritual encouragement so what we say will be on target

Lead us to talk Your ear off

Show us how You love every word from our heart to Yours

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