You’re our protection

Stick up for us, O God & be our hero, our defender,

Defend us from the deceitful,
Defend us from the unjust,
Defend us from the ignorant people.

You are our safe place, You are the One we run to for protection;

though sometimes You seem oblivious to our needs,

We know (on our best days) that we don’t need to be afraid of our enemies.

Send out Your light & Your truth;

let them lead us;

let them bring us to Your presence,

let them bring us into the mountain of Your holiness.

Let us bow before You as a priest at Your altar,

God our exceeding joy.

Let us praise You with beautiful music, O God, our God.

Moods will come & go, Lord, but let us never be cast down in our heart like those who have no hope.

We hope in You, Lord God;

We find renewal in praising You,

You are our salvation & our God.

Psalm 43 paraphrased

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