In Christ

Since we are in CHRIST,

Since we have CHRIST

Since CHRIST is in us

We have all that is in CHRIST.

JESUS gives peace to our heart

He shows us that through our faith in Him our sins are no more ours, but CHRIST’S

God has laid all our sins on JESUS

God has put all CHRIST’s righteousness as ours,

The SPIRIT of CHRIST lays His hand on us, and we are now whole.

He casts His mantle upon us & we are clothed;

He is the glorious SAVIOR & we’re eternally blessed in Him

Faith unites our soul with CHRIST in an intimate bond as a wife with her husband.

Everything which CHRIST has becomes is now ours

CHRIST is the riches of our inheritance

Everything which we have becomes the property of CHRIST.

He takes all our sins, we take all His blessings & eternal life.

The interchange is accomplished.

He puts His life in us, we our the bridegroom of JESUS CHRIST.

He’s Delivered us from the rags of our sins & clothed us in His righteousness

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