Meditate on the Word

There is a potent medicine in the great pharmacopia of Scripture,

our overall medication should be meditation.

We will meditate on your precepts and fix our eyes on your ways.

Ps. 119:15

Show us how distractions are tools of Satan to pull our eyes off Christ

Reveal how weird things prevent us from hearing, meditating on & rejoicing in God in his Word.

Psalm 119 exhorts us to fix our eyes on God’s ways.

Meditation frees us to fix our eyes on Jesus & tune out distractions,

Focusing on Scripture provides clarity when we pray.

We Meditate to focus on how God is speaking to us through his Word.

Make us Lord, understand The way of Your Word & we will meditate on Your wondrous works.

Ps. 119:27

In meditation we understand how the God of the universe is speaking about Himself,

In meditating we learn about our world & how His voice is working in our hearts.

Deepen us in understanding Your ways!”

We remember the days of old;
we meditate on all that you have done;
We ponder the work of Your hands.

Ps. 143:5

Our his delight is in Your Word Lord
on Your Word we meditate constantly

Ps. 1:2

Discipline us in meditated focus on Your voice in Your Word,
Please lift our understanding, to remember & please train our hearts to incline in worship.

Let us pause to lift our gaze to the excellencies of Christ,

Allow us to bend our eyes off this world & to express thanksgiving & adoration in prayer.

Lead us in a Meditation to delight in Your Holy Spirit as He illuminates our hearts

Allow us to see & savor how glorious You are God

Make us to treasure every aspect of Your presence

We know sin & its effects, take the focus of our hearts away from delighting in Your Word.

We know sin tempts us to stop reading, to lose focus, to move on to other things.

Train us in Your Meditation & completely “arrests” our hearts to delight in Your Words,

Your voice is vital for our spiritual strength & joy.

Make Your Word our greatest treasure

We Meditate to worship You God as You deserves all thanks & praise for who You are
and for what You’ve done in Christ & for all You’re continuously doing in us

O God, by Your Spirit helps us in our weakness, fix our eyes on Christ,
give us understanding, bring to our mind Your wonderful works,
fill us with joy in Your voice & lead us to walk in Your truth.

Make the phrases of Your Word jump out to us as You lift up Your voice to speak in our hearts

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