Pray on pray on pray on

Enough Light ~

“In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe
In doubt there are enough shadows to blind those who reject belief.” –

Blaise Pascal

Doubting, involves believing what we think we see, or feel

Faith is relaxing in what we know God has said.

If we avoid God’s voice in His Word
If we argue against His ways in our lives
We will agitate our distrust

God understands our struggle
He wants us to come to Him with our pain & confusion.

Sometimes He has to sift our thinking by reminding us of His truth
He reminds us of His past faithfulness to us
in past distressing turns of events

The testing of our faith produces endurance & spiritual experiences

It’s our choice

We can have an adventure in faith & do great exploits

Or we can succumb to skepticism & wallow in hesitating vacillations

We’ve prayed & prayed & things appear revoltingly abstract

But don’t be slathered in dramatic defeat

Don’t bye the satanic hype of the trouncing mockers

We haven’t read the last chapter yet.

Let each aggravating appearance that suggests to be our collapse

Draw us deeper into God’s throne of grace

He will give enabling solutions to our ridiculing opposers

Pray on! Pray on! Pray on!

Keep Trusting in His intimate involvements that are proven through these difficulties

Let the wild emotional roller coaster lift us closer into Him

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