Your power is irresistible
the operations of it
cannot be controlled

We know, O God,
that You can do everything,

We know that no thought
can be hidden from You

We’re convinced:
You can do anything
You can do everything.

Nothing & no one
can upset Your plans.

No thought can be
hidden from You

Job 42:2

Power belongs to You;
Strength comes from God.

You Lord are the
source of all power

God has spoke once;
twice have I heard this;
that power belongs to God.

Psalm 62:11

With You nothing is impossible.

Luke 1:37

All power is Yours both
in heaven and in earth.

Jesus said, All power is given
to Me in heaven & in earth

Matthew 28:18

You kill & You make alive,
You wound & You heal,
neither is there any that
can deliver out of Your hand

Deuteronomy 32:39-40

We are persuaded
What You have promised
You are able also to perform.

Romans 4: 21

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