Everything works out

God promises that He’s perfecting us

We know, that His fathomless love is incomparable in designs,

To us who are called according to His plan,

That everything that happens fits into His purposes for our good.

God, in His perfect knowledge plans each individual detail of our life,

Each specific circumstance He puts us in is to transform us to Christ-likeness,

He chose us long ago; He called us in His perfect timing,

He made us righteous in His sight, He’s lifted us to His splendour of life.

In face of all this, what is there left to say?

If God is for us, who can be against us?

He didn’t spare Jesus but gave Him up for us all—

Can’t we now not trust such a God to give us, with Christ

everything else that we can need?

Who would dare to accuse us? We’re God’s chosen!

God, the judge Himself has declared us free from sin!

Who is in a position to condemn? Only Christ!

And Christ died for us, then Christ rose for us,

now Christ reigns in power for us, and Christ prays for us!

Yes! There are always those who blame & condemn.

They even start a campaign of guilt tripping us from every conceivable angle.

They are passionate about sewing discord & burying us in shame

But God gives us assurance that He, through His Holy Spirit can & will turn

everything to our good, right down to the smallest details!!!

No situation is too grave,

No enemy too strong,

No test too great.

Yes, God overrules every test so they benefit us instead of harming us.

Just as a tree which is blown by the wind is settled & rooted deeper into the ground,

each coming of each gnarly trial simply settles us deeper into God’s grace.

Can anything separate us from the love of Christ?

Can trouble?

Can pain?

Can persecution?

Can diseases?

Can lack of clothes, food & depleting funds?

Can danger to life & loss of limb?

Can threats of force?

Can the sour stench of the insidious blame game?

No! No! And again, No!

In all these things we win an overwhelming victory through Jesus

He has proved His love for us, over & over & over again. His love is perfect!!!

Seriously, we stand amazed at the unfathomable complexity of God’s wisdom

God’s knowledge is unimaginable because He’s omniscient in His all-knowing presence

How could we ever understand His reasons for various actions?

How could we explain His methods of working?

No one has known the mind of the Lord!

His ways are unsearchable!!!

Everything can turn on it’s head instantly!!!

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