The Power of The Pen

“Where the pen submits to His power”

When the portals to your soul have been pricked

with a message of hope;

it is a wise man who records it.”

Amber Rogers

“When you are a hoarder of life

everything that you don’t need comes in

and nothing goes out!

And therein lies the state of the soul;

stockpiled on self-preservation,

isolated by individual needs & agendas.”

Excerpt from Broken by Amber

The power of becoming a pencil of expression

As a pencil will be able to do many great things

but only if we allow our self to be held in someone’s hand.

We will experience a painful sharpening from time to time

to become a better pencil

With an eraser we can correct mistakes we make

The most important part is what’s inside that marks

We can leave a mark on every surface we’re used on

leave your mark No matter what our condition,

We must continue to write

A pencil, in the hand of the right person,

can do some amazing things

if we allow ourself to be held in God’s hand.

A pencil makes beautiful drawings in the hand of an artist

A pencil crafts amazing stories in the hand of writer

A pencil solves complex math equations

in the hand of an a mathematician

A pencil writes soothing music in the hands of a musician

A pencil writes a touching note in the hands of a lover

As a pencil, we have the ability & capacity to do
some pretty awesome things as long as we’re
in the right hands.

In the hands of God, our possibilities are endless.

Our story is as yet untold, but our life is being written

by the hand of God.

Tim Porter

Be pencils & pens in Jesus hands

My sheep recognize My voice.
I know them & they follow Me.

I give them real & eternal life.
They are protected from the
Destroyer for good.

No one can steal them from out of
My hand.

The Father who put them in My hand
and under my care is so much greater
than the Destroyer & Thief

No one could ever get them away us.
I & the Father are one heart & mind.

John 10:28-30

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