Angelic Assistance

Assistance against Evil

God has promised to send angelic assistance when we face attacks from supernatural realms.

It makes sense. Satan & the demons are supernatural beings—so are God’s Angelic armies.

We need supernatural help in our conflict with supernatural enemies.

God controls all power & He wants us strong in Jesus.
So we’re to take everything the Master has provided for us,
His weapons are the only effective articles to battle with.
By using them we’re able to stand up to everything the Devil throws at us.
This is a life-or-death fight to the finish against the Devil and all his demons.

God’s Word is our indispensable weapon.
Prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare.
We Pray hard & long. We Pray for others.
We Keep our eyes open.
We Keep each other’s spirits encouraged so that no one droops, falls behind or drops out.

In Psa. 91: 11–13, the composer describes 3 specific activities of the angels on our behalf.

The Angels are given “charge” of us Ps 91:11

The term “charge” is from the Hebrew tzawa, which means

“to appoint, install, give command of.”

The Lord has actually appointed angels—
heavenly guardians—
to give us aid when attacked by supernatural forces

Jesus says in Matthew 18:10 “Watch that you don’t treat a single one of these
childlike believers arrogantly. You realize, don’t you, that their personal angels
are constantly in touch with their Father in heaven?
The Message

In Acts 12:15 when Peter was sprung from prison by strong Angels he knocked on the door
Of the place the believers we’re praying.
A lady came to the door then ran back to the room where they were praying
they wouldn’t believe her, they dismissed her, the disregarded her report.
They said she was crazy, but. She stuck by her story, insisting.
They still wouldn’t believe her and said, “It must be his angel.”
All this time poor Peter was standing out in the street, knocking away.

Angels “guard” us in all our ways
The Hebrew word shamar means “to keep, watch over, observe, preserve, take care of.”

Angels are overseers of God’s people. Like silent sentries, they stand guard over
those who seek refuge in the Lord, preserving our steps.

Angels “bear you up” in their hands Psa. 91:12
The verb nasah actually means “to lift, to carry, take up.”

When used figuratively in reference to a person, it means “to support, sustain.”

In the context of Psalm 91, the angels see to our mental, emotional & spiritual needs
so that we will not be overwhelmed by the deception of the devil & his minions

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